Onigiri with Short Bread Cookies dipped in Green Tea with milk


The other day, I was short of money for groceries and raided the dusty cabinets. I found an old can of salmon and rice and went to work making rice ball. Here is a recipe for perfect sushi rice! With the salmon I made four different flavors: Eel sauce, Teriyaki, mayonnaise and soy sauce. The last two were my favorite. For Mayonnaise – just make it like your favorite tuna salad. I added capers and celery. The best was the soy sauce base. I added equal part soy sauce and rice vinegar. I used the seaweed to mark which rice balls were which and using saran wrap I spread a bed of rice down, put the salmon filling in the middle and closed it up into a ball! Easy and delicious.

For dessert/snack I totally recommend you take Girl scout short bread cookies and dip them in Green Tea with Milk. So make half a cup of green tea and fill the rest up with milk, add a little bit of sweetener and voila! Perfect. We have been using this liquid sweetener that’s geared for diabetics, really sweet and no calories!


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