Blog: Recent Video Game Time Sink


In our household, there are a lot of video games being played. I personally am more of a watcher. I might not have the commitment, skill or attention spam to play a game to completion but my dearest does – treating it almost like homework, so I get to see most popular titles from start to finish. This past weekend we really enjoyed Asura’s Wrath. Although not the longest game, definitely worth renting. Watch the review which sums it up great!

The episodic structure was cool and yet annoying. Why do you need to see scenes from last “episode” when you just completed it. I enjoyed the flashy visuals and character designs. You can unlock the art book pictures (something I can’t find easily online). There were too endings based on how well you score. Each episode grades your performance. Although the beginning of the game was slow and the cut scenes longer then the game play, by the end of it all it really hooked me emotionally and I was rooting for multiple characters. The amount of punishment the earth takes on numerous accounts and how humans survive the wars of the demigods is beyond me, but still a great and fun story.

Even if its a little Dragon Ball Z in the over-the-top aspects.

Collin was also obsessively playing:

I’ve watched all the metal gear games, and so even though its a rich a complicated video game history, I can follow the convoluted story lines. The nation building and sims part of this game captured my babes attention in a boring game play for me, although it was fun when he sent troops out to do missions and we could watch the results of these battles (He went through a stage where instead of firing crappy soldiers her sent them on suicide missions). We are a fan of Ashley Wood and he was the guest artist for all the comic book style cut scenes!

Collin knocked this game out quickly too and prepared himself mentally for Tuesdays launch of Mass Effect 3!

ME3 is another game I’m really excited to watch. I’m very bad at 1st person shooters, but I wish I could handle the game play because everything else about this game makes me want to play it. I watch Collin playing it and fantasize about playing all three myself. Oh well I’ll go back to my easy, girly Final Fantasy 13 :3 which is more my style.


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