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Favorite Wilmington Tobacco shop


Leaving all judgements regarding smoking habits to oneself. I want to talk about my favorite smoke shop in Wilmington!

When you type Tobacco into Google, this little shop is overlooked. It’s on College Rd in the same shopping center as Old Navy/Bed Bath and Beyond and Petco. For a while, me and my sweet would visit each tobacco store in search of interesting shisha flavors for our hookah. Of all the options, this is it! They have a whole wall of Starbuzz flavors in large and median sized tins. They have some foreign brands and pipe accessories as well.  A 100g tin will cost 12 bucks, which online you could order for $9 so unless you want to spend over $100 and get free shopping – buying in person might cost about the same and you get the added benefit of smelling it in store.

I’d say the runner up for best store in town is

Brookelynn Premium Cigars

These lovely people buy Shisah is bulk – like buckets full and you can tell them exactly how much you want and they’ll weigh it and charge you for a very reasonable price. They also care Starbuzz although their selection is much small. STill its a perfect stop for the basic flavors.


For this particular evening, we got these two flavors. We only smoked the Winterfresh and it was very tasty. It leaves your throat with a mental fresh after effect and if you smell the shisha you can clear your nasal cavities out. The Lemon Mint is a flavor that makes you crinkle your nose and question if it was a good taste or a weird taste. But my senses are kind of bored. All the flavors we have at home are stale or we’ve grown tired of the same thing over and over.

Anywho – I highly recommend you check out these stores and enjoy yourself.


Gray Young Kickstarter


I come from Chapel Hill, NC which has an amazing music scene. It really spoils you because any given night there are 5 different shows worth seeing and all the venues have affordable door prices. I dated a musician who showed me the in and outs and introduced me to many talented people. One of my favorites are the boys in Gray Young.

They are trying to raise money for their next cd on the Kickstarter website. Today marks the final week to complete the goal and make their hopes come true! Please listen to music from their previous CD and consider donating. They are really great people on top of all their musical talent. They were one of the first post rock bands I got into and always put on a great live show. Check them out!!

Chedder Bo Biscuit!


So In eastern NC we have a little secret called the Chedder Bo. Now calling it a cheese biscuit is almost offensive because is in comparison it is like a demi-god biscuit – and once you’ve had it, no other cheese biscuit will hit the spot. Check your local Bojangles menu to see if you have one.

Now in Chapel Hill/Raleigh, my old stomping grounds – we didn’t have them. I used to be able to only get them in Goldsboro, when I visited my grandma. So I was mislead into believing it was a Goldsboro only fare. It actually is a bigger phenomenon then that. Its belongs to a a certain franchise owner and his stores!

Check out this site to see the nearest location to you!!!!

“Check out our menu for a list of items offered at Tands Bojangles’® locations throughout North Carolina and Virginia. Some of the food options at Tands Bojangles’® may differ from the menus at other Bojangles’®.”

I guess I should be happy we don’t have Chedder Bos in Wilmington – or I’d eat one almost every morning for breakfast. But if you’ve never had one, I highly recommend taking the time to try.

Tetris Quilt


So I’ve been working on a quilt from remnants gathered from the local fabric stores. I figured this was the best way to make a low cost shield. Its not much to take a picture of yet, so I figured I’d share a project I finished a few months ago. I would love to make more nerdy quilts, but my attention span for projects so all over the place.

The squares are 4×4 inches.I used a gray flannel on the back as well as the data windows. I got pretty frustrated with the ribbon detail around each shape and the gray windows, I’d probably do that differently if I was to make another. The text is also gray flannel. I stenciled out the letters and hand stitched them on. The green background fabric was also too stretchy so it was difficult to sew with. Oh well hindsight is 20/20.

Mechanical Bird Silhouette Wall Art


On pintrest I was inspired by this photo:

I researched bird silhouettes on the internet and found a bunch of free vector images – although they were all AI files and I don’t own Adobe Illustrator. I did find this image though:

At the end of it all I decide to draw out my own birds but give them a more mechanical design. I used the bird design from Clamp’s Clover Manga.

You can download my silhouettes and use them if you’d like! I actually wish I had a couple other birds because in the final product seemed repetitive.

For you!

Here is the final shot of my wall dedicated to the air element. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m glad the birds add a frenzy feel to it!

Feta Stuffed Croissants


The other night we had the best dinner! Although the Tortellini and Sauce were store bought, we spiced it up with Feta Stuffed Croissants. They are super yummy and easy to make!

You will need: Croissant dough, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes and thawed frozen spinach.

Mix a couple spoonfuls of the tomato and spinach into the cheese to your taste liking.

Spread feta stuffing onto croissant dough and roll up. Bake until brown according to the directions on the croissant packaging – I believe mine were done in 12 minutes on 375, but each oven and brand are probably each different.
I also sprinkled the extra stuffing on top of the pasta and salad I made. :3 Yum.

Blog: Recent Video Game Time Sink


In our household, there are a lot of video games being played. I personally am more of a watcher. I might not have the commitment, skill or attention spam to play a game to completion but my dearest does – treating it almost like homework, so I get to see most popular titles from start to finish. This past weekend we really enjoyed Asura’s Wrath. Although not the longest game, definitely worth renting. Watch the review which sums it up great!

The episodic structure was cool and yet annoying. Why do you need to see scenes from last “episode” when you just completed it. I enjoyed the flashy visuals and character designs. You can unlock the art book pictures (something I can’t find easily online). There were too endings based on how well you score. Each episode grades your performance. Although the beginning of the game was slow and the cut scenes longer then the game play, by the end of it all it really hooked me emotionally and I was rooting for multiple characters. The amount of punishment the earth takes on numerous accounts and how humans survive the wars of the demigods is beyond me, but still a great and fun story.

Even if its a little Dragon Ball Z in the over-the-top aspects.

Collin was also obsessively playing:

I’ve watched all the metal gear games, and so even though its a rich a complicated video game history, I can follow the convoluted story lines. The nation building and sims part of this game captured my babes attention in a boring game play for me, although it was fun when he sent troops out to do missions and we could watch the results of these battles (He went through a stage where instead of firing crappy soldiers her sent them on suicide missions). We are a fan of Ashley Wood and he was the guest artist for all the comic book style cut scenes!

Collin knocked this game out quickly too and prepared himself mentally for Tuesdays launch of Mass Effect 3!

ME3 is another game I’m really excited to watch. I’m very bad at 1st person shooters, but I wish I could handle the game play because everything else about this game makes me want to play it. I watch Collin playing it and fantasize about playing all three myself. Oh well I’ll go back to my easy, girly Final Fantasy 13 :3 which is more my style.