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Tote Bag making girl


I’ve been busy gearing up for Animazment, where I’ll be selling goods memorial weekend in their artist alley. I want to bring smaller products because I don’t anticipate most people will be expecting to drop 100+ dollars on a quilt they didn’t know they needed UNTIL they see what I can do!

So I’ve been busy making Pokeroses and tote bags.

This was kind of my idea for AZ – Pokeball/pokemon themed and I would hand paint in the pokemon of their choice in the bottom right corner. This was kind of the mock up – so if you had a suggestion for which pokemon I should paint in the corner – let me know!

I also did a custom bag for a client of Winnie the Pooh. Here are some pictures of the middle of making it and finished product.

After I sketch out the design I use my rotary cutter to remove the parts I want to show quilt through. Then I pin the quilted parts into place. and stitch it all together. Then I paint the design on with fabric paint.


How I make an 8Bit quilt.. Making it!


Lets first detour back to how I used to do it back when I first started and didn’t have all the tools I have now.. I used to just use a cardboard square cut to the size I wanted my fabric pieces and I would cut each individual square out one at a time. Quilting Rulers are also easily purchased if you worry about cutting the cardboard the right shape. This method is NOT preferred because it easily takes a month alone to cut the squares and I find it very tedious to sew each square together one by one. I also used to lay the whole quilt out on the floor so I could easily visualize how to sew each piece together. Again, I don’t recommend it, but if you find it hard to compress the design into stacked rows and are making mistakes, this might be best at first.

OK, so back to the key design from the previous blog. I went and bought all the fabric like discussed.

Spent under $5 and part of the cost was extra lilac to finish with quilted piece into a pillow. I ended up buying a yard of lilac in case you were curious.

I use a self healing mat, a large quilting ruler and a rotary tool to cut the fabric into 1.75 inch strips of fabric. I sew the strips together to make a solid piece again. You get an accordion feel, see:

Once I sew the fabric all back together, I cut it in the opposite direction, again in 1.75 strips.

I sew the strips together in different numbers so I have variety for the quilt design. In a large blanket, I might have a pile of squares, two squares (sewn together already), three squares, ect. This allows for quickly sewing the design together instead of doing each block one at a time. I hope this isn’t confusing..

This design isn’t very big or complex so I just have a couple piles. And so I start piling all the squares together following the word document with the plan.

Row one has 16 purple squares. If you chose to cut each square out separately, you’d just stack 16 lilac squares and sew them together in a long strip. I chose to sew all my lilac together in groups of 8, so my pile just had 2 strips of 8 pieces each. Both ways add up t 16 squares.. so it doesn’t matter how you do it. Row 2 has 3 black squares, 10 lilac and another 3 black squares.Because my lilac are in strips of presewn in sets of 8 squares, I use a seam ripper to separate it into the needed set of 3.

I looked down and took a picture of my “helper.”  My pup max is always underfoot and trying to help when I’m crafting.

So I compile the design into rows that I place on large sheets of newsprint paper. It is low cost and I use it as scrap paper to write on or paint on top of. Its helpful in the quilt planning because I can stack pages of paper with quilt square on it and stay organized.

From right to left you can see Row 1, row 2, row 3, ect.. I just slowly lay out each square according to my word document plan of the design.

Now I go pile by pile in order and sew the stacks together in order, and then each strip of rows to the next to start bringing the quilt into being. In the second picture of the collage, you can see that I try to line up the rows to match at color changes, but I don’t stress too much about the rows matching up perfectly. You can see the small imperfections in the bottom picture. I used to try and force the lines to all line up, but I found that cause an unappealing pucker to the cloth and I decided I’d rather it lay flat, then appear rumbled.

An example of the puckers you might get if you try to make all the lines match perfectly square for square. I think it’s easier to try and line up the design with a little room for error, then aim for perfection.

So as I go, I usually compare the WIP to the computer design to make sure I’m not making any mistakes. Here is the finished product. It took me about 2.5 hours to sew it all together. I’m actually going to sew a little bit more lilac around the key to make it bigger and finish it into a pillow. I’ll post it once its all done!

Day 14: Pintrest Map


So yesterday and today’s gift were to give Collin art that we could hang on the wall to remind us of the future and one day of our past. So while LA is the goal for the future, today’s gift was a future reminder of where it all started. On pintrest, I found this DIY Canvas State Tutorial. I printed a map of North Carolina and followed their tutorial and made this beautiful momento of the first city we lived in and fell in love at.

I never realized our state has such any annoying coastline until this project.

We hung it up under Collin’s world map and his photography from our Europe trip this December. It makes me happy.

Day 2 and 3 – Star Wars Gifts


So on day two and three I went Star Wars themed. On Pintrest, I had found the light switch idea. Its very easy to make and cheap. $1.34 for the light switch plate, a black sharpie and I used a matte finish spray after I wrote on the light switch plate.

For the next day I gave him a Lightsaber night light. It says room light, but the size is pretty small. Like its small to a child, so its very small to a grown man. It also is permanently fixed to the wall mount so although it shows the kids holding it like a lightsaber, its a little misleading. The remote control on/off is weird too. I think there must be a timer in it to save batteries, so for example, we mounted it above the bathroom door to add a little light in the middle of the night when we go potty. The remote was going to be kept by the bed so it could be activated comfortably, but the problem is – to make the remote work, you have to switch the lightsaber on the first time manually, so its totally useless if you wanted to activate the light from bed. I’m also too short to reach it where it is now.

But all in all, he liked the gifts, so that’s all that matters.

Pintrest idea review: Clementine Candle


So often, you see amazing ideas on Pintrest and feel the courage to master it yourself. Sometimes they don’t work out the way you hoped. Sometimes they are comically funny disasters (Pintrest Food Fails examples). Sometimes you feel like the fucking king because it turns out right. Anyway, I figure when I tackle such projects, I can’t claim the product as my own but I still want to blog it so I’ll do reviews. Yesterdays project? Clementine Candle

Now, my first error might have been that I bought a tangerine, because it didn’t have a firm “wick” running through the middle to light on fire. I googled wicks to figure out what to do (because trying to jerry rig one out of peel was not igniting). Long story short, I rolled up some paper and folded the bottom into a pyramid shape so it wouldn’t fall over and filled the olive oil up and it worked just fine. I think my wick was too tall though because the next issue was I lit the top on fire! Nothing dangerous but I had to throw it away and it wasn’t as cute at the tutorials lit up ball of orange. The video claims it’ll make the house smell good as well, which I found not true – but maybe it is more effective if you have a top on it. I will try it again soon. It’s a fun little pyromaniac activity and very low cost if you already has olive oil and each the Clementine. The tutorial video is below. Give it a try and let me know how you fair!

Another upside is, while researching wicks, I found out about the existence of wooden wick candles. Apparently they make popping noises like a cracking fire for a candle, so I think that’s super cool and want to give it a try. This company, Virginia Candle Company, was even started in my college home town!

Mustache Party


For my roommate’s birthday, we planned a mustache themed birthday.

Check out my pintrest folder for all the inspiration!

I made a bunch of mustaches out of felt and stitched them to a ribbon. and hung them up near the front door so when people entered the house they could get equipped.

I also modpogged additional felt facial hair onto solo cups so there would be plenty of mustache to go around.

It was a lot of fun and so easy. I recommend everybody throwing a mustache themed party! And if you need inspiration on the different types of staches, Check out this website:

And now some portraits from our party. : D We had a lot of fun.

The birthday boy and his majestic beard.

Ghetto Computer gets fabric aid!


I should be more embarrassed and not post this, but this is my newest project! I’m using a laptop hand-me-down from my loving boyfriend which over the past two years has served me well. The main problem is the hinges to support the screen slowly but surely broke and until 2 days ago, I had given up using it as a laptop, and it was more of a desktop – the screen propped up by a giraffe stuffed animal.  Last Wednesday, I started my new job and realized that everybody used their own personal computer and the company doesn’t provide us with a communal one to write our reports. This set me in motion to fix what I had, because I’m in no position to buy a new computer, no matter how much I’d like one!  So I rigged up a slip cover with a ribbon to hold the screen from falling backwards, while I ribbon down the back holds the screen up. My co-workers have made a few comments about how its colorful and when I explained it -they’ll tack on that I’m creative, but nobody has told me its wildly inappropriate, so its doing its job!