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Week of April 27th


I have been a HORRIBLE blogger! You know its funny, I told myself, “At 5pm everyday you should pause to blog about what you’ve been working on. It’s as simple as that!” And everyday at 5p, I stop what I’m doing and think about that and then decide to move on. I’ll continue to try and blog, but no promises!

So on Friday I tried to knock out a bunch of future designs. Its funny – I let them build up but if I don’t seal the deal with future clients, how can I hope to keep a healthy todo list of commissions? So I want Fridays to be a normal day to end the work week of sewing and work on future projects. My waiting list is pretty small right now – which is fine, I wanted to finish it before May hit so I could work on building merchandise to sell at Animazement – but I also need commissions for May so I can pay the bills. See the conundrum?

So here are the designs I finished over the past few days! I am actively working on this Megaman baddie. His little sprite will appear in two corners of a megaman quilt I’m doing, but I’m making an extra one to turn into a pillow as well.

A repeat client wanted a Minecraft quilt for her son (I’ve already done a Bowser Quilt for her other son). He wasn’t really sure what he wanted (what 7 year old does?) so I made this one of a creeper with a sword imbedded in his head:

But the kid also wanted Steve so the design evolved to this:

She is happy with the revision, although I hope to make both quilts. I like the first one in its simplicity. Minecraft graphics are hard for me to enjoy as well because I’m not a player of the game so the awkward style feels thick and unattractive to me. To each their own!

For a quilt I’ll be making a bit later in the year, I made a Nightmare before Chirstmas Quilt which will be a romantic gift. Fufufu! I ove helping people make custom gifts for their significant other.

Because of the popularity of the franchise, I think this quilt could be a very popular design in the future!

Another client requested a Tetris quilt and wants an exact copy made of one she found on the internet. Although I feel a little bad making a duplicate of somebody else’s craft project, it won’t be a item I relist in my store and will only make once. Its a super simple design though so its not hassle to reproduce.

Anyway these are the designs I whipped up for future projects. If you would like a quilt made, feel free to contact me anytime on facebook or etsy!


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity


I wanted to say my take on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. Firstly, its a kids game and I recommend it as such. Some of the reviews critiqued how long it takes to get the plot going or see the purpose and I agree, but if you look at it strictly from a parent’s perspective, its a heart warming game that teaches good morals and is fun without too much violence. And when I say heart warming, I mean – I cried during every cut scene because its so heavily coated in warm fuzzies. The theme is that by inspiring hope in others you can make your community a better place to live (and save the world). Spoiler: The game is not saved by grinding your pokemon into a hard calloused fighting machine, its binding together with your friends and beating a fairly easy battle against an inanimate object that threatens to end the world. You don’t kill bad guys, you defeat them and then warm their heart with your hope for the future so that they too join you. I think its great, and if kids have the focus to make it through the plot and no get bogged down in town building, it has a great ending.

Here’s some screen shots (Sorry, the 3DS makes funny lines when photographed..)

Like I said, feel good hopeful messages!

Who doesn’t like an ending with crazy rainbows to signify that good has prevailed!?

The cast of playable pokemon is pretty vast. The center mechanics of the game is you choose your pokemon and your best friend from a limited list. I went with Axew and a sidekick Tepig (which I thought he was great because the role is a kinda dorky personality). I was disappointed that none of your core team members evolve.. But you go explore randomly generated dungeons with those main two and any other members your recruit along the way. The game will take you on linear plot arcs called “adventuring” in which you can’t return home from until you meet sucess. During these missions, your pokemon team selection is limited to only plot driven team members, but thankfully all pokemon in your team (I mean ALL of them, even the ones at home base) share experience form every battle so even if you get stuck having to use a non-prefered team member – they’ll be of equal level, although maybe still weak and annoying..). Another neat option, which I figured out really late in the game, was switching modes. You can switch from your main pokemon character to a random one left back at home and run simultaneous operations. That allows you to continue building your town, harvest helpful items, play mini games and do side quests, all while your main team is out adventuring. I got stuck in the last levels by one of the final battles and could switch to the other mode and buy a bunch of revive seeds which then int he main campaign helped me win the battle.

The cut scenes helped build teammate relations and inspire a laugh or cry. Although the plot was simple, there was one plot twist that really caught me off guard. The way it ends I found very emotional too. I cry at everything though.

The best part of the game was the moves system. Pokemon gained their typical move sets as they evolved, but you could level up each move the more you used it and all teammates benefited from the moves development. I enjoyed increasing the efficiency of low level moves that I had trained in and sometimes opted to keep them over the moves learned at a higher level. Leveling up a move gave you more PP, accuracy and power. I liked it so much I see it as a way to evolve the pokemon games in the future and wish with all my little heart that its part of X and Y.

The worst part of the game was the AI. You could control your main character and give guidance to the three NPCs on your team, but the AI lacked most intelligence.  In the later levels, when you earned powerful attacks, I normally ended up turning them off, because the AI would use them and kill my teammates off faster then the enemies. I thought it was stupid that they would use attacks with recoil when they were low on hit points and kill themselves as well.

It took me a couple week to beat and I enjoyed it and would recommend others give it a try if they enjoy pokemon!



Princess Peach 8Bit Quilt


So more than two months ago I had a contest to raise followers on my 8BitHealey facebook page. I said when we hit 100 likes, someone would earn a free quilt. The promotion actually brought in about 124 followers so I’d say it was a success. The winner was a friends girlfriend and she requested a new original design (which I was hoping the winner would do, my sorry self needs motivation.) She was very patient and although it took some time, I’m glad she was willing to wait for the product!

Although its way too girly for me, I love this project because it was the most colorful, more complex and most original design I’ve attempted. A lot of peach art is simple or unattractive, so I tried to keep the traditional style and color while adding more cute touches, like the wink, anime eyes, rosy checks, heart and pink sparkle details on her top.  The anime eyes are taken from another pixel piece, the heart is from Zelda I think and the wink I winged all on my own.  The background, while very girly, goes nicely and that’s all thanks to feedback from the facebook page (Thanks Nicholas!!) but could be easily changed to whatever the buyer prefers. I went with a making lilac fleece backing as well.

I’d like to offer a deal where if somebody buys a blanket and a pillow together, they get a second pillow free. I’m not exactly sure how to advertise this deal though. It might just have to be by word of mouth. If anybody wants to do this, contact me!!

Skyrim: Weird Crush


So as soon as I found out you could marry someone in Skyrim I knew who I wanted to marry. I have an unexplainable love of Borkul the Beast. Granted my first character to meet him was an Orc and so it makes sense, Orc on Orc love. But I came to accept all my charries would side with the Forsworn and help them reclaim Markarth as their rightful home. I really don’t know how any woman could refuse his wit and charm. Here are so quotes from the game.

“Heard he ripped a man’s arm off and beat him to death with it, he’s old fashioned like that.”      ―Uraccen

Also when you ask why he is in prison he responds with, “murder, banditry, assault, theft, and lollygagging.” Lollygagging – hah, what a dream boat. Anyway, to progress the  No One Escapes Cidhna Mine Quest, you have to get past him. I chose to fistfight him so I could earn his respect as a strong woman and be a little physical with him. Haha.. I know it doesn’t matter to the game mechanics, but I still think my little romance with him is the perfect touch to my Skyrim experience. He’s chilling at Druadach Redoubt. I’m going to go visit!

But yeah, after I finished the quest, I took all my crappy Forsworn armor and all the Markarth City Guard Armor and put it in my house. I figured it was a nice way to remember our jail break and meeting!

Nuzlocke Challenge


I might not talk about it, but I’m a huge nerd over pokemon. I’ve been playing since middle school and I never get bored of replaying them and know many useless facts. Anyway, on Thursday I wanted something on in the background while I graded some IQ tests, so I turned to Twitch.TV a site my boy has been streaming Dead Space 3 on. I found a few live streams of people playing pokemon! Who knew that would be a thing. I have always enjoyed watching video games myself so I’m glad this site exists. I have returned back to it a few times, I enjoy watching this guy Austin play. Anyway, I also ran across this person broadcasting his Nuzlocke Pokemon challenge. Its apparently a way to play pokemon – click the link for the explanation. Basically you can only catch the first pokemon you come across in each area and if a pokemon faints, you must treat it like its dead forever. Of corse this gets my heart all excited and I want to start with FireRed and play each one by those rules until I play them all. Highly unlikely that will come to pass, but let my little heart imagine big.

So I died fighting my Rival after selecting Bulbasaur!!!?! That almost never happens so I’ll hang my head in shame. I went ahead and restarted my game and took that as a sign, I should have chosen Charmander. Now I’m a day in and things are progressing nicely.

My Current Team:

I am currently progressing through Mt. Moon, with pokemon lvl 8-14. We have the Boulder Badge and have had only one casualty.

We lost Remus on Route 3 to a Lvl 14 trained Pidgey. RIP. I’ll update as I progress!

I will Triforce you to love me.


When you finish a blanket, you are supposed to be proud of it, but all I feel is happiness that I’m done. The original design is not my own, so if you can find who thought up the Triforce with the heart in the middle, I’d love to know who to credit. I saw this idea in a geeky proposal thread that had a ring box with a triforce heart and it said “I will triforce you to love me.” and instead of thinking “creepy!” my heart melted and I thought it was very romantic.

Anyway, this project was a disaster. The fabric is a easily unraveled embroidered gold fabric and a black stretchy velveteen one. The black velvet when cut creates this amazing dust that gives you black lung too. I’m so glad I’m finished. If I make this design in the future, I’ll only be using quilting cotton fabric. To subject myself to the velvet – somebody would need to pay me triple!!!!

Anyway, the finished product is good, just the process getting there was taxing. If you are interested in buying it, please visit my etsy store or drop me a line.



I won’t lie about being excited about Pokemon Black 2 coming out Oct 7th. I was so excited about it, that that’s what I asked for my birthday – in July. Haha. But leading up to this release, I’ve found myself wanting ot work on Pokemon themed projects. I’ve been desperately trying to finish up some rouge project quilts so I can focus all my attention on this bad boy!

Which I fully intend on making my own bed comforter. So hopefully by Tuesday I’ll be releasing a stretch Crushed velvet Triforce blanket. Yes, the fabric is as annoying as it sounds!!!
But like I said in the mean time I’ve been working on little pokemon projects between the quilt loose ends. IGN a while back post the top 100 most popular pokemon as voted by the internet, so I’m letting that guide me on which Pokemon I paint. Last night, was Charizard!

Like the Pikachu one, its make for paper and fits on a push glow nightlight. I’m quiet happy with it. Buy it here.

Also made Cascarones of the Charizard Family. I like painting the shells, so if anybody wants to commission me, I’m happy to do any pokemon $3 each.

Ok, hopefully I’ll have more progress in a day!