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Tote Bag making girl


I’ve been busy gearing up for Animazment, where I’ll be selling goods memorial weekend in their artist alley. I want to bring smaller products because I don’t anticipate most people will be expecting to drop 100+ dollars on a quilt they didn’t know they needed UNTIL they see what I can do!

So I’ve been busy making Pokeroses and tote bags.

This was kind of my idea for AZ – Pokeball/pokemon themed and I would hand paint in the pokemon of their choice in the bottom right corner. This was kind of the mock up – so if you had a suggestion for which pokemon I should paint in the corner – let me know!

I also did a custom bag for a client of Winnie the Pooh. Here are some pictures of the middle of making it and finished product.

After I sketch out the design I use my rotary cutter to remove the parts I want to show quilt through. Then I pin the quilted parts into place. and stitch it all together. Then I paint the design on with fabric paint.