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What have I been eating?!


I haven’t been very good with blogging, have all these built up recipes and pictures of my food, so I thought I’d just post them all at once. So here is all the food I’ve been enjoying with links to the recipes!

Leftover omelets! If you liked last nights dinner and have leftovers, just bake them into an omelet for a tasty remix!

Breakfast number 2! The breakfast tacos are just egg, cheese and bacon. But the yummy thing next to it is Bacon Cheddar Pull Aparts! I might of blogged about these before. They are amazing and easy and a crowd favorite!

An easy lunch option is just Mac and Cheese with Broccoli and seafood themed Hotdog critters. Its supposed to look like squids and tentacles with barnacles and star fish.

Another easy meal is Caesar Salad Pizza night! Its were we eat pizza but pour salad on top and pretend its healthy. Here is the spread of the pizza, chicken, Sautéed onions and Caesar salad.

Close up of this beauty!

This is more just a yummy dinner, no recipe really. We’ve been just grilling up chicken in olive oil and I can’t get enough. Like I could eat chicken every night and be happy. I also grilled up the green beans and sprinkled almonds on top with a serving of instant mashed potatoes.

This last one was our big splurge. Its a recipe I found on pintrest that mimics Olive Garden’s gnocchi soup. Mine didn’t turn out a thick and creamy as the recipe picture nor of the restaurants beauty. C made me laugh, saying for the cost of all the ingredients, we might have well gone and had all you can eat soup and bread sticks! It was worth the try and I’ve been enjoying the leftovers.


Feta Stuffed Croissants


The other night we had the best dinner! Although the Tortellini and Sauce were store bought, we spiced it up with Feta Stuffed Croissants. They are super yummy and easy to make!

You will need: Croissant dough, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes and thawed frozen spinach.

Mix a couple spoonfuls of the tomato and spinach into the cheese to your taste liking.

Spread feta stuffing onto croissant dough and roll up. Bake until brown according to the directions on the croissant packaging – I believe mine were done in 12 minutes on 375, but each oven and brand are probably each different.
I also sprinkled the extra stuffing on top of the pasta and salad I made. :3 Yum.