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Peachy Solution


I had an offer to exhibit my Peach blanket in an art gallery that’s doing an exhibit on 8bit artwork. I would like to participate, but the quilt design they like is not one I have extra laying around. While I have the time to complete the project, I truly need to focus my time on paid gigs, as my financial state is pretty dire. I’ve been trying to think outside the box, and set up a Patreon account, but ultimately – if I don’t sell some quilts immediately, I need to immediately go back to the work force and quilt on the side. I have bleed my bank account dry and have bills piling up.  So back to the main reason I’m blabing about my resources – I’m looking to see if anybody was willing to pay for the Peach quilt now, and receive the blanket in July after the exhibit wraps up. The quilt cost $220 plus shipping and you would receive it in July and my way of saying thank you was I would make two matching pillow shams now to hold over while you wait. You can purchase the quilt here, and in the customer comment section – just mention that its for the exhibit and what kind of icons you would want on your pillow cases. I could do anything as long as its 22×17 pixels in size. I’ve done many pillows already, but I’m very open to anything new!

So go on! BUY this blanket and tell me its for the exhibit and I’ll send you two pillows now and the blanket will arrive in July!


8bitHealey designs done by other quilters!


So I don’t ever kid myself about what I do. I’m ripping off well known iconic images and putting them on quilts. Old school video games are perfect for my nerdy sewing hobby, but I recognize I’m taking somebody else’s original design to make my work. The first and hopefully last cease and desist letter I received was a punch in the gut to remind me of this, but I think its a valuable lesson. One day I hope to have creative and popular designs that are original, but I love 8bit art quilts and I’m not going to stop. I think that this kind of thought process would benefit the browncoat crafters who make Jane hats as well. I understand the shock they must feel, but deep down they must understand that if they want to continue selling their hard work, they just can’t cling onto the cultural reference that its from. By attaching a licensed product’s name to their own handmade goods, they are benefiting from all the hard work the licensed product’s marketing has put in to promoting the name brand. Anyway, I wanted to give a tip of the hat to this creative Esty user, who I think gets their point across: Controversial Hat with a Back Story.

I got really off topic there, so the main reason of this post is I wanted to show off my designs done by two other quilters. The first guy, Jason, contacted after making it and said my design helped him figure out his! Here is my listing: Zelda Emblem Quilt and here is his:

A few months ago a lady named Caroline contacted me, asking for pointers on making two of my quilts. I guess I could be a jerk and tell her to buy a quilt, but that’s not why I do this! I am so pumped that others want to make video game quilts with me that I just sent her directions and the plan on both, requesting when she finished she send me pictures of the finished quilts. She just sent them a few days ago!

Her is her take on the Zelda Emblem Quilt:

Here is my quilt: Batman Signal Quilt

And here is her take on it!

I really enjoy seeing how others use colors and change the design. Granted I’d always love to sell a quilt, but I don’t think I could ever turn away a fellow quilter wanting to make the same design. Its not my original design, I just borrowed it to begin with myself.