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Dog Super Model


I’ve been trying to take pictures of projects to get people excited about what I’m doing. Hype people up to buy my stuff.

Here is my handsome pup posing with a Masterball pokerose ^.^ It took a few tries.

Anyway, check out my store!


Where to go next, popular polls for next product!


Hey guys, I’d love feedback on what the next product I make should be for 8 Bit Healey, my etsy store.

Like Biotic Commander? Vote for it here!

Like Cocobos? Vote for it here!

Like Dark Link? Vote for it here!

Like Ninja Gaiden Midnight fights? Vote for it here!

Like Pikachu Punching Jiggly Puff? Vote for it here!

Like Pikachu cosplaying link? Vote for it here!

I am always open to special commissions for a nerdy quilt. Please contact me at 8BitHealey@gmail.com to talk prices and what you would like! I’ll happy draft up a design and price!!

Pokeball Roses


My friend Callie is amazing and so creative and her way of asking me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding was to hand craft a pokeball decorated rose and present it to me during the finale of the Bachelor. I think her thoughtfulness can rival some wedding proposals and seriously made my heart glow and cry like a little girl when I said yes.

Anyway, it made me amazingly happy to receive so I asked her if we could sell them on 8BitHealey, and she said yes! So buy our newest product here!