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Blog about work: Home Instead Senior Care


I have a pleasure of working for a really amazing company, Home Instead. I stumbled into this work. I came from a retirement home that was for elderly with developmental disabilities. So looking at elder care was just piggy backing off my other job, although home care and group homes are very different beasts. Although I didn’t have any specific experience with schedules, I convinced the owner in an interview that I had a good head on my shoulders and could deal with the stress and I’ve been on board ever since.I’m the head scheduler, matching the clients to compatible caregivers and maintaining their daily, weekly and monthly schedules. To me its like doing a complicated puzzle and I love it.

Many people aren’t familiar with home care until their own loved ones have a “event” which makes the need for it apparent. What it comes down to is most families want to keep their elderly in home as long as possible but they can’t afford to take off work to stay by their side and keep their loved one safe and mentally stimulated. What Home Instead does is provide caregivers educated in how to care for ones physical needs (toileting, mobility, ect), who are able to redirect dementia and self motivated to engage their clients (promoting independence while up-keeping the home and staying active). If you are interested, check out our Wilmington Franchise’s website. Even though we are a business, the level of community support we provide is very generous and we are always able to answer questions and help problem solve.

So anyway, we just moved to a bigger office so that we could have a community resource and training center! It’s always fun to move into a new space but now that all the furniture is moved it, I’m feeling especially excited. Me and Lindsey (the weekend supervisor) share the best corner office! We went from a cramped, loud windowless room to a spacious 4-window space. I’m in heaven. And kind of wanted to show off. My boss is very generous to buy us such nice things. I feel very special.

We haven’t named him yet, any suggestions?

This is my favorite room! The kitchen! I was a very big supporter of getting an oven. Many co-workers didn’t this it was necessary but because I got my way, I’m going to make an effort each week to cook on it and prove how important it is.

So that’s the new office!


The most beautiful yard on my way home


With tomorrow being the first day of Spring, I wanted to share a house I admire everyday on my way to and from work. Wilmington is really starting to shine with all the flowers in bloom.

April 11-15th is the Wilmington Azalea Festival. Wilmington festivals are cute and fun so take a look at the events and consider coming out! You know you can’t say no to our mid 70 weather. Soon it’ll be a sweltering summer and you’ll regret not enjoying the spring!

Favorite Wilmington Tobacco shop


Leaving all judgements regarding smoking habits to oneself. I want to talk about my favorite smoke shop in Wilmington!

When you type Tobacco into Google, this little shop is overlooked. It’s on College Rd in the same shopping center as Old Navy/Bed Bath and Beyond and Petco. For a while, me and my sweet would visit each tobacco store in search of interesting shisha flavors for our hookah. Of all the options, this is it! They have a whole wall of Starbuzz flavors in large and median sized tins. They have some foreign brands and pipe accessories as well.  A 100g tin will cost 12 bucks, which online you could order for $9 so unless you want to spend over $100 and get free shopping – buying in person might cost about the same and you get the added benefit of smelling it in store.

I’d say the runner up for best store in town is

Brookelynn Premium Cigars

These lovely people buy Shisah is bulk – like buckets full and you can tell them exactly how much you want and they’ll weigh it and charge you for a very reasonable price. They also care Starbuzz although their selection is much small. STill its a perfect stop for the basic flavors.


For this particular evening, we got these two flavors. We only smoked the Winterfresh and it was very tasty. It leaves your throat with a mental fresh after effect and if you smell the shisha you can clear your nasal cavities out. The Lemon Mint is a flavor that makes you crinkle your nose and question if it was a good taste or a weird taste. But my senses are kind of bored. All the flavors we have at home are stale or we’ve grown tired of the same thing over and over.

Anywho – I highly recommend you check out these stores and enjoy yourself.

Blog: Health Update


I apologize for the radio silence. I aim to update this blog once a day, but when I fall back I feel its important to talk about my personal life so you know why I’m missing.

Monday I gave blood, or at least I tried to. I donate every 2 months, a good habit I developed with my old room mate. She was always getting calls to donate because she had a rare and valuable blood type. We refereed to the Red Cross as the “vampires” because they called us all the time. But I actually enjoy doing it. I feel like it’s my way to give back. I go to the Cape Fear Chapter on 1102 South 16th Street, Wilmington, NC. (910) 762-9663

You can walk in anytime: Monday 12:00pm – 6:00pm, Wednesday 12:00pm – 6:00pm or Friday  8:00am – 2:00pm

Or Call 1-800-733 2767

The 1-800 number will take you to a live person who will tell you about upcoming blood drives in your community or help schedule an appointment at your closest Chapter. I highly recommend you give donating a try.

Anyway this time, I couldn’t because my iron was too low. This has never happen before, but I haven’t been eating a ton of meat so now I have a new focus on my nutrition. I have to wait 2 months before trying again, but hopefully this won’t be a reoccurring issue (my mom has iron issues with her own donating). That gave me a sheet of paper encouraging me to eat liver, beef, pork, chicken, fish and more beans. I’m not a fan of fish and pork – so wish me luck! My iron was only .1 away from the minimum requirement so I’m not too worried.

On Tuesday, I had a dentist appointment at Bush Family Dentistry at 1717 Shipyard Boulevard. (910) 313-1511 I’m really super glad I went.

Their office is very clean and everybody was very friendly. My hygienist, Rebecca listened to my concerns and gave thoughtful answers. I guess when it comes to my teeth, I’m a bit of a hypochondriac. My two front teeth are fake because as a kid I rode my bike into a car and hit the dashboard. So my mouth is a bit sensitive and I’m always afraid of cavities. gingivitis, grinding my teeth, ect. I hadn’t had a teeth cleaning in a year and a half and if you’d asked me Tuesday morning I was convinced I had at least one serious cavity that might require a root canal or pulling it altogether. THANKFULLY this isn’t’ the case at all. Dr Bush was very kind, reassuring and proposed treatment for my one small problem area in a cost effective way. He wasn’t trying to steal my money. I’d be happy to recommend anyone there and give it my full endorsement.

I hope that tomorrow I’m back on track with updates. Sorry I’ve been distracted with appointments (and a crazy week at work!).

Gray Young Kickstarter


I come from Chapel Hill, NC which has an amazing music scene. It really spoils you because any given night there are 5 different shows worth seeing and all the venues have affordable door prices. I dated a musician who showed me the in and outs and introduced me to many talented people. One of my favorites are the boys in Gray Young.

They are trying to raise money for their next cd on the Kickstarter website. Today marks the final week to complete the goal and make their hopes come true! Please listen to music from their previous CD and consider donating. They are really great people on top of all their musical talent. They were one of the first post rock bands I got into and always put on a great live show. Check them out!!

Chedder Bo Biscuit!


So In eastern NC we have a little secret called the Chedder Bo. Now calling it a cheese biscuit is almost offensive because is in comparison it is like a demi-god biscuit – and once you’ve had it, no other cheese biscuit will hit the spot. Check your local Bojangles menu to see if you have one.

Now in Chapel Hill/Raleigh, my old stomping grounds – we didn’t have them. I used to be able to only get them in Goldsboro, when I visited my grandma. So I was mislead into believing it was a Goldsboro only fare. It actually is a bigger phenomenon then that. Its belongs to a a certain franchise owner and his stores!

Check out this site to see the nearest location to you!!!!

“Check out our menu for a list of items offered at Tands Bojangles’® locations throughout North Carolina and Virginia. Some of the food options at Tands Bojangles’® may differ from the menus at other Bojangles’®.”

I guess I should be happy we don’t have Chedder Bos in Wilmington – or I’d eat one almost every morning for breakfast. But if you’ve never had one, I highly recommend taking the time to try.

Meatball Subs


This post is less of a recipe and more like food porn/bragging/dinner ideas!

So last weekend we ended up eating at A Taste of Italy and I ordered the meatball sub. It was amazingly good and my boyfriend suggested we make it again at home. His recipe of meatballs is pretty straight forward:

1 lb ground beef (we buy 90/10), 1/2 cup breadcrumbs, 1 egg (scrambled), 1/4 cup ketchup all mixed together

Make golf ball size meatballs and place them each in a cupcake tray with two spoonfuls of your sauce of choice. I learned this trick from him. They each get their own sauce bath and come out moist and perfect.

After they baked for 40 minutes (you gotta play with the cook time – depends on the size you make), we took them out of the cupcake trays and put them all together in a bread loaf pan and smothered them with more sauce and mozzarella slices. We baked them for 10 more minutes to get the cheese to melt. We also threw in the sub bread to toast.

Pull it all out and assemble your sandwich. It was so amazing and I had two meals worth of leftovers!!

If you live in Wilmington, NC, I DEFINITELY recommend going to A Taste of Italy. Its on College Rd near Wrightsville Rd. It’s where we go to buy lady fingers when we make Tiramisu and always grab a sandwich while we are there. Click the picture below to look around their website which has a menu and location hours. You won’t regret going!

Also, check out this great article about the brothers who own the place!