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Peachy Solution


I had an offer to exhibit my Peach blanket in an art gallery that’s doing an exhibit on 8bit artwork. I would like to participate, but the quilt design they like is not one I have extra laying around. While I have the time to complete the project, I truly need to focus my time on paid gigs, as my financial state is pretty dire. I’ve been trying to think outside the box, and set up a Patreon account, but ultimately – if I don’t sell some quilts immediately, I need to immediately go back to the work force and quilt on the side. I have bleed my bank account dry and have bills piling up.  So back to the main reason I’m blabing about my resources – I’m looking to see if anybody was willing to pay for the Peach quilt now, and receive the blanket in July after the exhibit wraps up. The quilt cost $220 plus shipping and you would receive it in July and my way of saying thank you was I would make two matching pillow shams now to hold over while you wait. You can purchase the quilt here, and in the customer comment section – just mention that its for the exhibit and what kind of icons you would want on your pillow cases. I could do anything as long as its 22×17 pixels in size. I’ve done many pillows already, but I’m very open to anything new!

So go on! BUY this blanket and tell me its for the exhibit and I’ll send you two pillows now and the blanket will arrive in July!


New Product: Power Up Star


I made this actually for a few reasons. I want more pillows in the store, I want to practice top stitching, I have tons of scrap fabric, and I am doing an art trade.

If you are interested in purchasing this pillow, please check out our store: 8BitHealey






How I make an 8Bit quilt… Finishing a project!


I wanted to finish up this tutorial and project blog with what I do after I finish a quilt design. So with most of my quilts I finish the back with flannel.  Its for many reasons, but the main one is to keep down the cost of the quilts.  The fleece backing is a quick, soft and warm way to finish the quilt. I put the quilt piece face down and use the flatlock stitch almost all the way around the border and then pull it right side again and hand stitch the remaining hole shut. Here is a great tutorial on how to do an invisible stitch.

For this project I wanted the pillow to be firm and strong, so fleece is too stretchy and no good. I used batting and a back layer of extra fabric I have laying around. I have been working on my confidence on the top stitch of a quilt. I don’t have a lot of experience with freehand stitching the design that holds all the layers together and as for now, stick to straight lines. I did a uniform diagonal top stitch along the lilac background and I’m happy with how it came out.

This project took much longer then I had hoped. I was hoping I could quickly pump out an 8bit pillow in an hour and half so that I could sell it around $20, but as my ambitions grew, so did the time it take to complete.  I listed it on Etsy for $50, which hopefully once I get faster at producing, I can drop it down.

Check out the Etsy Listing!

Triforce Pillow with Removable Triangles


I’m super excited to have finished this bad boy! Its a triforce pillow that you can take the triangles out if you so choose! It was quiet the learning experience because there were so many different edges to sew together, it made me work hard. I actually had to hand sew 9 of the edges!! I’m getting very good at the hidden stitch (thanks again to this tutorial!). But I’m so glad to add this to my Etsy store and I’m about to start a new quilt, sleeping Kirby! Life is good.

European Pillow Shams


Helping Callie decorate her house! I didn’t make the white pillow – just helped patch up an opening in it. But today we went and picked out the floral and blue fabric to make shams for the pillows she already has! We are also going to sham two smaller pillows in just the robin egg blue. Maybe when its all said and done I’ll get a picture of them in their natural environment. It was alot of fun to make.

Joust Pillow Fight!


Last week I posted about the contest winner wanting a joust pillow: Well here is the final outcome! Ostrich knight versus Buzzard Knight Pillows! Gives a whole new meaning to pillow fight!

Anyway, there are 3 designs in all but I figure people can pick their favorite two for their couch! Check out the Etsy store!

Joust Pillow – 8bit pillow exploration


Last week 8bitHealey ran a contest to like our facebook page and share our etsy store to be in the running to win a free 8bit Pillow. Really only my friends participated, but that’s fine! I need to learn to put myself out there more and explore options on how to get people excited in what I’m doing, so it was a start. The winner chose a Joust pillow. I love when people choose things I would not expect or think of, it expands my portfolio and pushes me. The first risk was that the design was 20 squares and I wanted ot restrict it ot 17 so that it stayed small and pillow like. I decided to go with it and instead, make the squares smaller. So this pillow is my first time sewing 1.5 inch squares. To me, that’s ridiculously small but I’m so so pleased with the outcome. I feel over the past month and a half I’ve really honed my skill and the small squares are looking much neater then the original pillow I created. So yay there! It took me about 3.5 hours so I’m happy to announce that I can start making any custom pillows (under 20 pixels) for $40 each!! Although I like Josh’s pillow, I’m refining the design to be smaller with more black so that you can see the image a little more clearly and I hope to make a enemy pillow as well so you can have the pillows suspended in mid-joust on your couch!! Stay tuned.