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Blog: Health Update


I apologize for the radio silence. I aim to update this blog once a day, but when I fall back I feel its important to talk about my personal life so you know why I’m missing.

Monday I gave blood, or at least I tried to. I donate every 2 months, a good habit I developed with my old room mate. She was always getting calls to donate because she had a rare and valuable blood type. We refereed to the Red Cross as the “vampires” because they called us all the time. But I actually enjoy doing it. I feel like it’s my way to give back. I go to the Cape Fear Chapter on 1102 South 16th Street, Wilmington, NC. (910) 762-9663

You can walk in anytime: Monday 12:00pm – 6:00pm, Wednesday 12:00pm – 6:00pm or Friday  8:00am – 2:00pm

Or Call 1-800-733 2767

The 1-800 number will take you to a live person who will tell you about upcoming blood drives in your community or help schedule an appointment at your closest Chapter. I highly recommend you give donating a try.

Anyway this time, I couldn’t because my iron was too low. This has never happen before, but I haven’t been eating a ton of meat so now I have a new focus on my nutrition. I have to wait 2 months before trying again, but hopefully this won’t be a reoccurring issue (my mom has iron issues with her own donating). That gave me a sheet of paper encouraging me to eat liver, beef, pork, chicken, fish and more beans. I’m not a fan of fish and pork – so wish me luck! My iron was only .1 away from the minimum requirement so I’m not too worried.

On Tuesday, I had a dentist appointment at Bush Family Dentistry at 1717 Shipyard Boulevard. (910) 313-1511 I’m really super glad I went.

Their office is very clean and everybody was very friendly. My hygienist, Rebecca listened to my concerns and gave thoughtful answers. I guess when it comes to my teeth, I’m a bit of a hypochondriac. My two front teeth are fake because as a kid I rode my bike into a car and hit the dashboard. So my mouth is a bit sensitive and I’m always afraid of cavities. gingivitis, grinding my teeth, ect. I hadn’t had a teeth cleaning in a year and a half and if you’d asked me Tuesday morning I was convinced I had at least one serious cavity that might require a root canal or pulling it altogether. THANKFULLY this isn’t’ the case at all. Dr Bush was very kind, reassuring and proposed treatment for my one small problem area in a cost effective way. He wasn’t trying to steal my money. I’d be happy to recommend anyone there and give it my full endorsement.

I hope that tomorrow I’m back on track with updates. Sorry I’ve been distracted with appointments (and a crazy week at work!).


Gray Young Kickstarter


I come from Chapel Hill, NC which has an amazing music scene. It really spoils you because any given night there are 5 different shows worth seeing and all the venues have affordable door prices. I dated a musician who showed me the in and outs and introduced me to many talented people. One of my favorites are the boys in Gray Young.

They are trying to raise money for their next cd on the Kickstarter website. Today marks the final week to complete the goal and make their hopes come true! Please listen to music from their previous CD and consider donating. They are really great people on top of all their musical talent. They were one of the first post rock bands I got into and always put on a great live show. Check them out!!

Christina Perri – lovestrong


Lately I’ve been addicted to Christina Perri on Pandora.

I’m sure that you have heard her top 40 song, Jar of Hearts. Even though I knew the song, I wasn’t aware of her name and after the radio stopped playing the single – it never crossed my mind. Rewind to two weekends ago when I drove for 14 hours and on occasion was listening to random radio stations on the road. A love song I’d never heard of ripped through me and made me cry. Its not often radio songs have any emotion to move me, let alone made me sob – so I googled the lyrics. First of all – I felt like a emo kid because its from the Twilight soundtrack. I won’t diss Twilight because I have never read the books, nor seen the movies but I view Twilight as a pop phenomenon for teenage girls. So I was embarrassed a love song for vampires made me swoon, however I wanted more of her music so I queued Christina Perri up and I LOVE THIS CHANNEL! As if her romantic and emotional style doesn’t make me weepy enough, I added in Catie Curtis to this channel as well so I could maximize the tears.

Click the picture to be my friend on Pandora