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Favorite Wilmington Tobacco shop


Leaving all judgements regarding smoking habits to oneself. I want to talk about my favorite smoke shop in Wilmington!

When you type Tobacco into Google, this little shop is overlooked. It’s on College Rd in the same shopping center as Old Navy/Bed Bath and Beyond and Petco. For a while, me and my sweet would visit each tobacco store in search of interesting shisha flavors for our hookah. Of all the options, this is it! They have a whole wall of Starbuzz flavors in large and median sized tins. They have some foreign brands and pipe accessories as well.  A 100g tin will cost 12 bucks, which online you could order for $9 so unless you want to spend over $100 and get free shopping – buying in person might cost about the same and you get the added benefit of smelling it in store.

I’d say the runner up for best store in town is

Brookelynn Premium Cigars

These lovely people buy Shisah is bulk – like buckets full and you can tell them exactly how much you want and they’ll weigh it and charge you for a very reasonable price. They also care Starbuzz although their selection is much small. STill its a perfect stop for the basic flavors.


For this particular evening, we got these two flavors. We only smoked the Winterfresh and it was very tasty. It leaves your throat with a mental fresh after effect and if you smell the shisha you can clear your nasal cavities out. The Lemon Mint is a flavor that makes you crinkle your nose and question if it was a good taste or a weird taste. But my senses are kind of bored. All the flavors we have at home are stale or we’ve grown tired of the same thing over and over.

Anywho – I highly recommend you check out these stores and enjoy yourself.