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Please help my friend Daniel the Unforgettable


So as you might have read in previous trip entries, I had a blast in Sweden with an amazing Couch surfer host, Daniel. Now I’m hoping to help return the favor by bringing awareness to his cause. He wants to move to Moldova, to volunteer in an animal shelter. He has saved up the money to support his cost of living, but he has a lot of medical needs because he lives with Cystic fibrosis. He’s working to raise $2000 to cover the cost of medicine and the plane tickets needed to go back home every three months to check in with his primary doctor. Please look over his fund raising page here and help my friend.


Gray Young Kickstarter


I come from Chapel Hill, NC which has an amazing music scene. It really spoils you because any given night there are 5 different shows worth seeing and all the venues have affordable door prices. I dated a musician who showed me the in and outs and introduced me to many talented people. One of my favorites are the boys in Gray Young.

They are trying to raise money for their next cd on the Kickstarter website. Today marks the final week to complete the goal and make their hopes come true! Please listen to music from their previous CD and consider donating. They are really great people on top of all their musical talent. They were one of the first post rock bands I got into and always put on a great live show. Check them out!!