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Mario Coin and Clouds


I finally finished the Mario quilt I was working on! It took me a couple weeks but that’s only because I was working out the kinks of cutting material and how to approach quilting in the most efficient way possible.

First blanket! Buy it now!Fuzzy Fleece backing! You can be cuddling under this right now!

The front is Symphony Broadcloth quilting fabric, the back is Blizzard Fleece. It’s quite comfy and its a quillow so it can easily be folded into a question mark pillow!

The quilt easily folds and flips inside out to be a pillow!

This wasn’t the original design for this blanket. It was supposed to have Mario jumping up to get the coin!

The original plan!

I grossly miscalculated the size and it was shaping up to be a 9ft by 11ft blanket (lol). Thankfully, my boyfriend talked me into redesigning it so that I’d stop muttering “There has to be a nerd with a King Size bed out there. I will make this blanket a reality one day, but with the proper measurements! In the mean time, let me know what you think and if you like it buy it at my etsy shop!


Tetris Quilt


So I’ve been working on a quilt from remnants gathered from the local fabric stores. I figured this was the best way to make a low cost shield. Its not much to take a picture of yet, so I figured I’d share a project I finished a few months ago. I would love to make more nerdy quilts, but my attention span for projects so all over the place.

The squares are 4×4 inches.I used a gray flannel on the back as well as the data windows. I got pretty frustrated with the ribbon detail around each shape and the gray windows, I’d probably do that differently if I was to make another. The text is also gray flannel. I stenciled out the letters and hand stitched them on. The green background fabric was also too stretchy so it was difficult to sew with. Oh well hindsight is 20/20.

Mechanical Bird Silhouette Wall Art


On pintrest I was inspired by this photo:

I researched bird silhouettes on the internet and found a bunch of free vector images – although they were all AI files and I don’t own Adobe Illustrator. I did find this image though:

At the end of it all I decide to draw out my own birds but give them a more mechanical design. I used the bird design from Clamp’s Clover Manga.

You can download my silhouettes and use them if you’d like! I actually wish I had a couple other birds because in the final product seemed repetitive.

For you!

Here is the final shot of my wall dedicated to the air element. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m glad the birds add a frenzy feel to it!

Easter Box Surprise!


My cousin has the most beautiful 2 year old. I unfortunately live in another town and don’t get to be in her life as much as I’d like. However Pintrest however fills me full of all of these craft ideas, so I’m sending her an Easter box which I hope is age appropriate. Heck if I know what kids like…

The card is a direct copy from this site full of cute Easter ideas!

Here’s a close up of the card #^.^#

I was first inspired by this site which teaches how to make stuffed animal carrots. I have a lot of scrap fabric and wanted to do it myself. I sure home Lila likes them.

I never know if I’m being weird or thoughtful but she’s such a creative child that I hope it fills her mind with magic.

Tie on Slippers


I’m still on the fence on whether I like these or not. I made then thinking they’d be comfortable non-shoes to wear while biking in the summer. Right now when I bike, my feet get way too hot and I don’t want to bike in flip flops. Once it gets a little warmer, I’ll give these babies a spin. I’ve been wearing them around the house and they are fairly comfy.

I used this tutorial to get the idea, but I did it a little differently. I tried to explain it the best I could..

Before you tie them to your foot, they look like this!

Origami House Business Card Holder


At my job, we are about to move into a new office. I am really excited (Who wouldn’t be? Especially when I’m getting a bigger office with 4 windows!). I wanted to welcome my co-workers to the new space with a gift. These are cute and not too difficult to make, plus not expensive! I got the idea from this tutorial. You take their basic idea and alter it slightly. After making the roof piece, cut a slit in the roof large enough to hold a small stack of business cards. I used tape to secure the roof to the body of the house and then covered the tape with a company logo so its hidden. Its pretty sturdy too (I dropped a couple while moving them to my room!).

What you’ll need for this craft: two pieces of origami paper, glue, scissors, tape and business cards.
Feeling Lazy? You can buy some I made at my etsy shop!