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Peachy Solution


I had an offer to exhibit my Peach blanket in an art gallery that’s doing an exhibit on 8bit artwork. I would like to participate, but the quilt design they like is not one I have extra laying around. While I have the time to complete the project, I truly need to focus my time on paid gigs, as my financial state is pretty dire. I’ve been trying to think outside the box, and set up a Patreon account, but ultimately – if I don’t sell some quilts immediately, I need to immediately go back to the work force and quilt on the side. I have bleed my bank account dry and have bills piling up.  So back to the main reason I’m blabing about my resources – I’m looking to see if anybody was willing to pay for the Peach quilt now, and receive the blanket in July after the exhibit wraps up. The quilt cost $220 plus shipping and you would receive it in July and my way of saying thank you was I would make two matching pillow shams now to hold over while you wait. You can purchase the quilt here, and in the customer comment section – just mention that its for the exhibit and what kind of icons you would want on your pillow cases. I could do anything as long as its 22×17 pixels in size. I’ve done many pillows already, but I’m very open to anything new!

So go on! BUY this blanket and tell me its for the exhibit and I’ll send you two pillows now and the blanket will arrive in July!


Tanoki Mario gets an upgrade


So I just finished a queen sized comforter for a mom who is decorating her son’s bedroom in a Mario Theme. I am super pumped to see her final product with my blanket on the bed.  Upgrading the size of my designs is still tricky for me, but I think I did it right after some trial and error. I accidentally put too many inches to extend the sides. When I ran out prematurely, I realized my mistake. I’ve cleaned up the instructions and  it was very rewarding to see it complete. I just wanted to lay across it and bask in its size.

This is the blanket put on a full size bed and has a nice drape. The size difference between and full and queen are so minute that I’d rather just only make queens. Anyway, like what you see, check out my Etsy store! OR follow my craft progress on facebook!

I will Triforce you to love me.


When you finish a blanket, you are supposed to be proud of it, but all I feel is happiness that I’m done. The original design is not my own, so if you can find who thought up the Triforce with the heart in the middle, I’d love to know who to credit. I saw this idea in a geeky proposal thread that had a ring box with a triforce heart and it said “I will triforce you to love me.” and instead of thinking “creepy!” my heart melted and I thought it was very romantic.

Anyway, this project was a disaster. The fabric is a easily unraveled embroidered gold fabric and a black stretchy velveteen one. The black velvet when cut creates this amazing dust that gives you black lung too. I’m so glad I’m finished. If I make this design in the future, I’ll only be using quilting cotton fabric. To subject myself to the velvet – somebody would need to pay me triple!!!!

Anyway, the finished product is good, just the process getting there was taxing. If you are interested in buying it, please visit my etsy store or drop me a line.

Different Backgrounds


I finally completed the back fleece of the Bowser blanket. Until now, I’ve always used solid sheets of flannel, which would limit me to a 6 ft width of blanket. Because the next project I want to work of will exceed that width, I wanted to experiment with a quilted back. I’m in love with how soft and warm flannel is, so I tried a simple stairs pattern.

Having a back like this will cost more, because it takes extra time to craft. Do you like this look? Do you think it’s worth the extra cost?

Like the Bowser blanket?

Go buy it HERE!


Bat-Signal Quilt


Wanted to showcase my newest blanket for sale! Its a bat-signal quilt. Click the link to check out my etsy store! I’m really happy with this bad boy!

For the the safest and sweetest dream, I recommend sleeping under this 8bit Bat-Signal blanket.

Quilted from a Cotton Blend Broadcloth fabric. Reverse side a soft fleece for warmth and cuddles. Machine Wash Cool Delicate, No Chlorine Bleach, Line Dry. Machine quilted. 64 in x 50in. size.

*Not officially licensed merchandise. Batman and all related characters and images are copyright of DC Comics and/or their respective owners.

For my love of Anime: Evangelion blanket!


I’m so very excited to show of my newest quilt! Its a tribute to my love of Evangelion. I used to play my DVDs on repeat in the background at all times and although I couldn’t understand the Japanese, I knew from the voices what scene was playing in the background. I hope yall like it! I’m in love!! Click the image to check out my etsy store!