I like Dinosaurs


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Sometimes I’m just silly.


Pizza Note Confessions


Something silly: My boy found this note at his job. It reads,

“Tara “two-eyed freak” Wallace She done stole my hairbrush. Now I can’t brush my hair. For serious.
Stephanie “motherfucking” Raibo 1-4-14”

2014 Vision Board


My coworkers invited me to come over and make vision boards for this coming year. I have never done something of that nature, but had a good time dreaming up what I want this year to entail.

  In the top left I have a have this space dedicated to building a home. Me and C are moving to Chapel Hill, NC this month and so building a home is really important. Ideally, Chapel Hill is just a staging area to an even bigger move, so once we figure out where we are headed, I look forward to decorating a beautiful space that is my own.

Next to it is a space that focuses more on the craft room ideal. I want a fresh and clean area to sew. I liked the thread organizers hung on the wall. Hehe.. I know it looks like it reads “sbit” but its supposed to be 8bit for the business. Also I liked the inspirational quotes about being smart in my creative endeavors.

I also hope to travel in 2014, an put a map of the USA behind it to signify some road trips. I have friends up north that need to be visited. I’d also like to hit some national parks and camp with the pup.  I also fantasize about traveling the USA in my car. If I could get it set up with solar panels and a folding desk, I could technically sew anywhere. A girl can dream.

Another dream trip would be to go to Iceland. ME and C have been tossing around the idea of biking the country and couch surfing. I need to do the research to see if that is possible!

Lastly, I had a section dedicated to good health. I would like to improve my fitness, attain a tone tummy, all them things. I included the healthy yummy veggies because I’d like a cleaner diet and the butterfly for metamorphosis and all that jazz.

So there you have it folks! What vision of 2014 do you have?

PikaPichu Quilt


So this is a quilt I finished in October.  It was a commission for a friend who wanted to give it as a baby blanket present (what an awesome friend huh?). This had been the most ambitious design up to this point and took around 25 hours to complete. The main side was:

And measured 62×69 inches.

The backside was a custom quilt of tiny little hearts:

I actually made all of the hearts at once, sewing the strips together in the actual pattern and cutting them apart to finish in the final heart design. That’s hard to explain, but I was pretty much making them super fast. I want to try this technique on other simple designs.

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Bringing in good fortune in 2014


Its funny how the start of a new month or year feels like the perfect opportunity to start a new routine. A fresh beginning.  I’m a sucker for the auspicious feeling of a new start. I looked up my horoscope info and it was as always glowing with hope. I did want to do something festive to bring in the new year. I filled up a wine glass with “treasure” to represent wealth (mainly 5 yen coins, a few heart shaped bobbles and a lucky egg) and drew a dragon on the outside.

While googling prayers, I found this little gem… May today, there be peace within. May you trust your highest power that you are exactly where you are meant to be.  May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.  May you pass on the love that has been given to you.

Hope you all live blessed days in 2014.


Decal Purchase!


So when my old roommate bought a new 3DS and got the legendary pokemon special edition, everybody was like, “Oooohhh I bet you want to trade?” but in truth I’m just not that in to legendaries. But then Dustin shared a link to this store that makes decals for your electronics. He though I might want to make my phone look like a Pokedex, but in reality I realized I could have a custom Pokemon 3DS and was super pumped. The store has tons of options but I went with Dragonair.

It was super easy to apply myself and I only got a little hung up on which layer was supposed to be peeled off first to apply. I had no bubbles in the sticker. My only “mistake” was I wanted to offset the design so the Dragonair’s earwing was covering up the camera lens a tad. I used an Xacto knife to carefully cut the tip off and wala! Perfect!

I also bought a Ponyta to put on my computer.

I was a little disappointed at his size. I thought he’s be the same height at the Dragonair design because they were the same price ($7) but the ponyta design is significantly smaller. Its still super cute, so no regrets!

Buy a decal!

Happy 2014!


This new year, I’m not making too many specific resolutions, but I am making very serious business goals. My goal is at least 100 quilts to be made in 2014! That is making 2 quilts a week goal.

Looking back, I made 9 in 2012 and 20 in 2013. 100 is a huge jump, however, I will begin doing this full time after February and I believe in my resolve. Root me on and watch this page throughout next year!!

^.~* I put my Live the dream shirt on for you guys. Happy New Years. I hope you bring in the New Year doing what you love.