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My First Kill on Vimeo!


So I was so excited that my boy finally finished editing his directing class scene, My First Kill, so I could show it off to you guys! I gave yall a teaser a few weeks back talking about the make up artist, Stephanie Cunningham, who was great! Now its finally up online and I’d love for you to check it out!! So here are some of the behind the scene shots I took with my camera.

So I didn’t think to take pictures until the very end of the night when we’d sent half the crew home because it was late and cold, so here is the bare bones crew left: The Two actors – Eric and Mike, Collin directing, Sean DP and Josh sound guy.

And here is me! I was the in charge of the clapboard and acted as a script supervisor. It was my first time helping on set, but I’m glad Collin trusted me enough to help! I had fun!

My Close up!

I don’t know why they are pointing in two separate directions!

Collin doing what he does best: Telling others what to do! Hehe! I’m kidding! Directing!!

Ok with no further ado, GO WATCH HIS FILM!!!!


Blog and book recomendation: Eria


I try to not blog too much, partially because I was an avid livejournal user back in college and would blog more then once a day, spamming friends and strangers alike with TMI of my daily minutia. I don’t regret it. I love being able to look back on those years and read with such clarity everything I was thinking or feeling, but its also like opening up a great wound.  I learned from livejournal, that putting out such intimate details can estrange you from the people you love most because they don’t like their role that they play in the story of your life broadcasted live to the internet. But I just wanted to put out there that I’ve had a busy month. It was my boyfriend, best friends and roommate’s birthday month as well as a close friend’s wedding – so my weekends have been busy. I have been very crafty and hope to show you all that I was up to.

But firstly I want to put forward a book recommendation of a dear friend of mine. He recently had to put his aging cat down. A cat that had played importan roles in keeping him going during hard parts of his life. He requested we buy his book to help pay for the medical bills to lay her to rest. I felt bad, because for quite a while I’d intended to read his stories and blog about them. But this was the finally push to get my ass in gear. So please check out his online books, Eria is the one I’ve started reading. I have know Drew for a long while thanks to my blog on livejournal and its funny for a person I’ve never met or spoken to on the phone, I feel I know what his voice sounds like.  When I read this story, I feel like I hear it in his tone which make me smile all the more when I get to cute parts, like the old wizard describing young love, “The seasons were right for love, and they were right for each other.” I’ve only read the first chapter, but I’m enjoying it so far. Lately the only think I read is George R. R. Martin – and so Drew’s story, although it foreshadows of a building conflict, is a relaxing change then the war-torn Westeros I’ve been reading of. I hope to blog again a full review and recommendation, once I finish – but I am a slow reader so please bear with me. In the mean time, I would love to encourage you to buy his E-book to help him raise the funds for the medical bills to lay his dear companion to rest.


8bitHealey designs done by other quilters!


So I don’t ever kid myself about what I do. I’m ripping off well known iconic images and putting them on quilts. Old school video games are perfect for my nerdy sewing hobby, but I recognize I’m taking somebody else’s original design to make my work. The first and hopefully last cease and desist letter I received was a punch in the gut to remind me of this, but I think its a valuable lesson. One day I hope to have creative and popular designs that are original, but I love 8bit art quilts and I’m not going to stop. I think that this kind of thought process would benefit the browncoat crafters who make Jane hats as well. I understand the shock they must feel, but deep down they must understand that if they want to continue selling their hard work, they just can’t cling onto the cultural reference that its from. By attaching a licensed product’s name to their own handmade goods, they are benefiting from all the hard work the licensed product’s marketing has put in to promoting the name brand. Anyway, I wanted to give a tip of the hat to this creative Esty user, who I think gets their point across: Controversial Hat with a Back Story.

I got really off topic there, so the main reason of this post is I wanted to show off my designs done by two other quilters. The first guy, Jason, contacted after making it and said my design helped him figure out his! Here is my listing: Zelda Emblem Quilt and here is his:

A few months ago a lady named Caroline contacted me, asking for pointers on making two of my quilts. I guess I could be a jerk and tell her to buy a quilt, but that’s not why I do this! I am so pumped that others want to make video game quilts with me that I just sent her directions and the plan on both, requesting when she finished she send me pictures of the finished quilts. She just sent them a few days ago!

Her is her take on the Zelda Emblem Quilt:

Here is my quilt: Batman Signal Quilt

And here is her take on it!

I really enjoy seeing how others use colors and change the design. Granted I’d always love to sell a quilt, but I don’t think I could ever turn away a fellow quilter wanting to make the same design. Its not my original design, I just borrowed it to begin with myself.

Easter 2013


It’s a bit late, but I wanted to share my cooky family and our great big, weird family gathering. So our family is very matriarchal and headed by our petite and crazy french granny! She had three daughters (my mom being the middle child) who in turn each had two or three kids of their own. Sure we got men, but its us girls who wear the pants in social gatherings .. or at least I think so! So we meet up at Wilson every year, and are blessed with one child to still urge us in the traditions. Back in the day, we’d play a lot of competitive sporting games during Easter for prizes, but maybe age has mellowed us out. So here the line up of us all!

We are sadly missing three people who had to work or couldn’t travel. Next year maybe we’ll all get together!

Grandma’s here, let the silliness begin! Oh and the doll is Baby Lloyd, he’s been with us since I was born. Grandma in her dementia still enjoys carrying him around.

We get to drinking wine and gabbing while our chefs get to cooking!


So like I mentioned in the prankster post, we hid a bunch of water balloons and fake eggs to throw our Lilabean off the trail of the real Easter eggs. But she had a good time running around collecting eggs. Grandma also got in on the chase.

But we still had tons of water balloons.. so what else do you do but play toss and throw them at each other??!

Finally it was time to eat! YAY! My favorite part!

This gem was taken while we were trying to get everybody situated for the group picture, even though grandma is looking in the wrong direction, I love it. I have the prettiest sister in the whole world!


Photoshoot with grandma’s funky glasses!!!

And then my sister tried (bless her heart) to teach me and mom how to dance. We have a wedding to go to in May and need to be prepared. I need a lot more wine if they think I’m going to dance….. : D




BBC’s The Truth About Taste inspires SCIENCE!


So my best friends are awesome nerds and we can hang out and watch educational TV together. We were watching the BBC’s documentary series on senses, taste edition. You can watch is on their website here!  There is a part where they test people to see if they are super tasters. You can do the experiment yourself at home (as the BBC lays out here with reference pictures of taste bud density) and so we gave it a whirl and I think I’m a super taster! I unfortunately have poor smell which takes away my sense of taste. But look at all those taste buds! I’m proud!

I can be a prankster! Fake Cookies and Donut Surpise!


So this weekend and into Monday I’ve felt like quite the little prankster. Today being April Fools, I wanted to get my boyfriend, without being to aggressive or mean. So with the inspiration and directions from this site: Jacqs, It’s just me. Again. Who has a recipe for Fake Chocolate Chip Cookies (Mashed Potatos and Black beans!) We made a batch of cookie for pre-made dough so the house smelled good and then baked the imposers.

They don’t get as dark at the real cookies and and the “chocolate chips” look a little like raisins, so after I arranged them ont he plate I dimmed the lights so it wouldn’t be so obvious.

I hid the real cookies under the fake once for damage control and a quick apology! I didn’t know if anyone would take the bait, but our hard work was not in vain. So my friend who took them home got her lovely man who declared, “I USED to trust you!” I feel I need to send him an apology since it was my bad influence. Another one of her roommates stuck the whole cookie in his mouth and ate it so she wouldn’t have the satisfaction of the trick. My boy hate half of it and ask what was wrong with the cookies, after I told him, he declared, “Real friends don’t let friends eat potato cookies.” ❤ I love him and his sad face. Totally worth it!

Other “pranks” this weekend: So my best friends birthday is today actually (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELENE!) and I went to stay with them last weekend, but she didn’t know. So her husband turned on music and I hid in a pantry while he distracted her in the guest room. I snuck up to her office and sat in her big executive chair with the back turned to the doorway. When I heard her enter the room, I swung it around and there I was with a donut lit full of birthday candles.

I actually scared her really bad and felt the guilt as soon as I heard the gasp, but she was happy I was there and the donut was quiet yummy. We had a great weekend.

Sunday was Easter and my family meets up at my aunts for a big dinner and fun. We only have one child so its not the big Easter egg hunt it used to be, with tackling and dirty tricks to win the most. MY mom thought it’d be funny to hid only a few eggs, but to make it look more fantastic, she hid a bunch of water balloons too. It actually turned out to be great fun and a tradition I think we’ll keep around forever more.

Fitness Update: Starting over


So I don’t view it a great failure, but with the encouragement of my boy, I’m starting the Year of Mellissa Bender workouts again. Its not a huge tragedy, because week three is a repeat of the first two weeks, but I know that I skipped out on the workouts for 12 and 13. I just had other things to do (like produce quilts for my business that have deadlines, and did not manage my time correctly. So I am admitting this mistake and learning from it. I don’t feel like I’ve changed much the fist two weeks, If we have to be honest, I feel heavier although my weight is the same. But I was feeling good while maintaining the workout routine and my body was sore but not too sore. I do think I have to push myself harder, so a small goal is that I hope to work into my Mellissa days it a mile run with the dog in the morning before I shower. I normally work out in the afternoon – and I don’t want to change that because in the mornings I suck pretty bad and getting a workout in. but I have to walk the dog and it generally takes 15 minutes to walk him around, so why not walk the mile loop around my neighborhood and after he poops, run the rest of the way to get some cardio in before work? I hope to make this a habit and in time, run farther – but right now he isn’t a good runner after a mile (and lets me honest, neither am I). Yesterday we tried for 3 miles and didn’t succeed in running the whole time. Anyway, so a little assistance, I have DL’d to my phone Endomondo, to track my mileage, and Mapmyrun, to help me preemptively map it out.

When this blog publishes, I should be doing the Butt Kicker Workout:

So join with me in fitness!