2014 Vision Board


My coworkers invited me to come over and make vision boards for this coming year. I have never done something of that nature, but had a good time dreaming up what I want this year to entail.

  In the top left I have a have this space dedicated to building a home. Me and C are moving to Chapel Hill, NC this month and so building a home is really important. Ideally, Chapel Hill is just a staging area to an even bigger move, so once we figure out where we are headed, I look forward to decorating a beautiful space that is my own.

Next to it is a space that focuses more on the craft room ideal. I want a fresh and clean area to sew. I liked the thread organizers hung on the wall. Hehe.. I know it looks like it reads “sbit” but its supposed to be 8bit for the business. Also I liked the inspirational quotes about being smart in my creative endeavors.

I also hope to travel in 2014, an put a map of the USA behind it to signify some road trips. I have friends up north that need to be visited. I’d also like to hit some national parks and camp with the pup.  I also fantasize about traveling the USA in my car. If I could get it set up with solar panels and a folding desk, I could technically sew anywhere. A girl can dream.

Another dream trip would be to go to Iceland. ME and C have been tossing around the idea of biking the country and couch surfing. I need to do the research to see if that is possible!

Lastly, I had a section dedicated to good health. I would like to improve my fitness, attain a tone tummy, all them things. I included the healthy yummy veggies because I’d like a cleaner diet and the butterfly for metamorphosis and all that jazz.

So there you have it folks! What vision of 2014 do you have?


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  1. I really only need my board to say a couple things.
    “Finish what you start.”
    “Stay on-task.” (Which is pretty much just like the first one.)
    “Blog more!”

    I like your board better than mine. At least yours shows some things outside the crafting world, which is healthy.

    I look forward to seeing what you make throughout the coming year.

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