Decal Purchase!


So when my old roommate bought a new 3DS and got the legendary pokemon special edition, everybody was like, “Oooohhh I bet you want to trade?” but in truth I’m just not that in to legendaries. But then Dustin shared a link to this store that makes decals for your electronics. He though I might want to make my phone look like a Pokedex, but in reality I realized I could have a custom Pokemon 3DS and was super pumped. The store has tons of options but I went with Dragonair.

It was super easy to apply myself and I only got a little hung up on which layer was supposed to be peeled off first to apply. I had no bubbles in the sticker. My only “mistake” was I wanted to offset the design so the Dragonair’s earwing was covering up the camera lens a tad. I used an Xacto knife to carefully cut the tip off and wala! Perfect!

I also bought a Ponyta to put on my computer.

I was a little disappointed at his size. I thought he’s be the same height at the Dragonair design because they were the same price ($7) but the ponyta design is significantly smaller. Its still super cute, so no regrets!

Buy a decal!


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