The art of Social Media


I don’t blog like I used to because it infringes on ones privacy nowadays. If you put yourself out there on the internet, anyone can access your life and give feedback or intrude on it. I personally have never had a bad experience, but the constant shadow of a boyfriends disproving glare has helped seal away my desire to share. I want to please the person who means most to me over strangers who enjoy voyaging into my life. The other complication is the use of social media to promote ones own business endeavors is a huge way to grow ones brand for free. If you have an endearing personality and good product, connecting to other strangers through facebook, twitter, deviant art, pintrest, tumblr, and a blog are all great strategies. So how do you stay private and yet be yourself?

I guess this post is to say I have not mastered it. I have not even scratched the surface. I told a fellow crafter that I just keep trying to put out good products so that I can gain recognition through that. If I work relentlessly toward making one more thing, maybe that is the thing that will go viral and bring me to a new level of public awareness. But I don’t work relentlessly. I’m pretty lazy and pretend I work hard. Honesty with oneself is tricky. In the life I lead, I feel pulled thin, but why? Do I play too many videogames? Do I spend time with my boyfriend to appease him or because I want to? Do I do to many things for others and get resentful? Focusing on ones own needs will only improve ones situation. So what do I need?

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Red Sparrows – A Message Of Avarice Rained Down And Carried Us Away


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  1. Hi. I just want to say that I know where you’re coming from but at the same time agree with your boyfriend. I started my blog and….that’s it! Just started due to always having health issues. BUT even so I still would love to share my love for quilting with others who love it too! I found you because of your Zelda quilt. I want to make a Link appliqued wallhanging for my little nephew and thought I’d take a look and see if I could get any help. So if you hadn’t blogged I would never have found you 🙂

    You can still share only giving away a small part of you that won’t put who you and your boyfriend are in any danger. Just becareful to stick to the subject and not give other stuff away.

    I love to help people if I can but I don’t like or want to poke my nose into other peoples personal life, I have enough on my plate, lol.

    OK I’ll let you breathe now and take a look at your ideas and see what could help me out. Oh, I won’t steal anything… I know to ask for permission and ask questions first. Be happy please ♡

    • Hey! I’ll happily share any designs if you are thinking of an 8Bit Quilt. In my mind, I just want to help quilters realize this is a great alternative to the traditional designs!! I’m glad you found my page! I’ll hopefully blog more in 2014! Happy new Year!!

      • Hi, thanks for your reply! My nephew seems to think I’m some kind of EQ7 wizz and is wanting me to create all sorts of “Link” stuff. I like that big yellow triangle thing that you have in some of your pics (excuse my ignorance, lol), I was thinking of maybe printing something similar to that on fabric using a printer, OR, trying to draw it and do applique…

        I don’t know, I’m all confused now, lol

        Have a great weekend!

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