How to order a quilt! Sailor Moon Edition


I wanted to show you the process of this quilt design, so that people know what to expect when ordering from 8Bit Healey! Of course the EASIEST way is to go to out Etsy store and buy a pre-made designs! But a lot of people want a custom blanket and good news! I do that! Facebook is the fastest way to get my attention and discuss your dream projects. Through FB, a fan reached out and said she wanted a Sailor Moon blanket. So to get the project rolling, I looked up old video game sprites (I use and google image search for ideas). I grabbed sprites that I like and send customers a collage with price options.

Although she kind of liked these, none of them were what she had in mind, so I am always happy to keep digging with the more concise vision of the product. This cool lady wanted to see more Princess Serenity designs, so I went wishing for more inspiration.

I sent these screen grabs just to throw some ideas out there. She got very excited about this image:

I had to crop her smaller from the original because all quilts need to try and limit their design to 50 pixels(ish) or they become massive. This image is a sprite capture from the game Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, captured by sprite ripper Rocket!

So I get to work simplifying it so that it can be sewn into a quilt and get a first draft.

So this is the point where I try to translate it to a pattern, and the client needs to give me feedback on what they like and don’t like. The border was a bit heavy, so we went though a couple drafts of bg color and border colors.

And its ok to tell me its just not right. Sometimes I get stuck with an off design. So we decided no color changes would correct the heavy border. She suggested a different border of sparkles and flowers and I literally googled “sparkle pixels” and found this brush website. Their designs helped inspire this change.

The maybe final draft before production is this:

So tada! Thank you for walking through the design process with me! Hopefully this helps you understand how easy it is to order a quilt with me.

If you have a quilt design in mind, feel free to start the process with me, message me on facebook. I make designs for free and once we’ve agreed on a design, I put it up on Etsy and will begin production once paid the agreed amount! All quilts take about a week to make.


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