Prototype Product: Nyan Cat


So this is an idea, I’ve been throwing around for a while and I’m excited to put it in place. I always say I want to expand and make more products, but to keep making quilts without selling them puts a huge strain on my budget. Now, the new plan is that I will choose designs I want to make a reality and discount them to the cost of materials only so that I can make a finished product and have an accurate idea of the amount of time it takes to make.

So I proudly present our first Prototype Product: Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat Etsy Listing! So this design is actually a piece of a larger idea. I want to help raise money for my friend’s cat’s hospital bill, because you better believe me – if Max got sick – It would cripple my finances and I might have to put him down.  While I don’t have any money to share – I can help raise it doing what I love most! So this is the first step. Once I have products of the finished product, I’m going to bump the price to about $150 and handover any profits it makes after the cost of materials has been subtracted. My goal is to sell 4 and hand over the cash. After the 4th sale, I’ll search out a new good cause and make a new design to raise money for! The the Nyan cat will just become a regular product I pay myself for. Make sense? Give me feedback on what you think about this plan., or better yet, just go buy a super discounted product!

Nyan Cat Etsy Listing!





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