Jolteon Scrap Pillow


After making the Dragonair scrap quilt piece, I wanted to make another and ran a contest on 8Bit Healey. Dustin was the winner and selected Jolteon.

I start the project off by drawing a paper version on the design onto large newsprint sheets. I use these for EVERYTHING. I put them down on the table when painting to protect the wood. I line boxes with it when shipping. I draw out pattern designs for clothing I make. Seriously, I think its one of my most important art supplies. I also sew strips of scrap fabric together and make a patch quilt of lateral strips that makes up the background of the pillows front.

Next I put the paper against fleece and cut out the heavy lines. If I make no mistakes, the lines are mostly connected and easy to makes sense of how the lay out on the Pillow. I also usually cut a contrast color out of fleece to help the eye make sense of the design against the crazy quilt background. I choose white for both the Jolteon and the Dragonair. I used red fleece  in both to add more color as well. So once you have the fleece, you’ll need to stitch the quilt to the batting and the bottom fabric – on Jolteon I used a yellow fabric I have way too much of. Then I try to arrange the fleece on the quilt.

I won’t lie, the zigzags on Jolteon made me have rage and I had to step away a few times. Once you have it arranged, then you get to work and start hand stitching the design to the quilt. This is the most time consuming part and where I think this product idea dies. You see, I like to charge $10 an hour for my time plus the cost of materials. That’s how I come up with the price of the quilts and pokeroses on Etsy. I want what I sell to be affordable and up to a quality standard I feel proud of.  The cost of my time would easily make these pillows $60 or more and I don’t feel the felt hand stitching is secure enough to put through the wash, so I don’t feel comfortable at this time offering it as a product. Do you have any ideas about this? I mean if I sold the Pillow Sham as more “art” then bedding – people would be gentle with it and maybe not soil it.. but I really don’t think its worth it..

But I do love the final product. So isn’t that tricky? I’ll probably make more regardless of it being a stupid idea.


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