Recipes and a mystery vegetable!


Sorry for the cell phone photo – I guess its time to clean my room if I can’t find my camera.. plus guest are arriving tomorrow! So last night was a cheap meal because we had a lot of odds and ends already in the fridge. The only thing we had to buy was the sweet potato and chicken. So the main dish was Honey Lime Chicken from Kitchen Meets Girl blog. Her recipe is for skewers, but I just through all the ingredients in the crock pot and served it on rice (shredded carrots and chopped green onions for a garnish and color). On the side I had Grilled Sweet Potato Salad from Kalyn’s Kitchen blog. I’m glad the side was tasty because it was a bit adventurous for us. It recommends using balsamic vinegar dressing but I cooked it in a grill pan on the stove and it kicked up way more smoke then I would have liked. After I achieved the grill lines on the sweet potatoes , I just threw them back in the bowl and microwaved them to cooked status to keep the fire alarm from going off. The recipe also calls for thyme and basil – two spices I’m not a huge fan of. Also it has feta, which Collin doesn’t love – so I was worried it wasn’t going to work with our taste buds.. but WOAH IT WAS GREAT! Collin liked the cheese, I liked the subtle spices. I wish I had more. So lets discuss why we didn’t and there is a mystery side dish.

So we had one sweet potato and wanted to pick up more to complete this dinner. We were grocery shopping at our local Asian Life Market in Wilmingotn NC (I highly recommend it. The people who work there are sweet. The prices are unbeatable compared to other markets and they always have sales which get us to try new things, like Sweet Potato Chips (no, not made out of sweet potato – just sugared potatoes… lol ). But these “sweet potatoes” were labled as such, but the skin seemed thicker and rougher. Once home, we cut into them and the insides seemed spongy – like egg plant. We are flexible and cooked it up like eggplant (first boiling and then) in olive oil, soy sauce and sugar. Once cooked, they turned into a more starchy potato consistency. It was quiet tasty, but we have NO idea what vegetable it is. Any ideas?


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