Dragonair Scrap Quilt


I save all fabric, like to the point of stupidity – because I’m a hoarder and also, you never know when you might want it… But I’m going to push myself in the coming months to try and use up all this extra stuff. I mean right now I’m rocking 10 dresser drawers full of extra fabric, and that is just silly. So after I completed my latest product order, I grabbed hold of the creative mania surging through me and sewed something unplanned and fun. I have a bunch of thin quilting scraps, so I sewed them together the blue strips and researched water pokemon that would be fun. I settled with Dragonair!

So on top of the quilted back I cut out the lines of the pokemon from fleece and hand stitched it into place. The background of the picture it the back of the quilt. You can see the hand stitching, which I guess it’s ideal, but its not very noticeable. It was very enjoyable to make and I figured I’d turn it into a contest and give away a free pillow sham!

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