Pokemon Pathfinders


I want to start DMing a pathfinders campaign and will adapt the world of pokemon to it in order to combine my love of pokemon with my love of tabletop role playing. I figure I’ll dump some of the stuff I write here for criticism and feedback. I am taking cues from the established world not trying to make an exact copy.

Enter into the world of Arceus, a lush planet that supports many lifeforms. Although its inhabitants have been evolving and cultivating the habitat for many millenia, it is still a wild place with a few settlements nestled in the throes of a harsh world. Over populated by a wild verity of monsters, mankind has begun to prove itself as a species with recent developments in science and learning. Mankind has always worked the soil alongside the beasts of Arceus in a symbiotic relationship for survival. Mixed species co-habitat in order to rely on each breed’s strengths and live comfortable lives.  In the past century, man has proven himself as a good master with his ability to organize efficiently the other creatures’ talents. Mankind’s progress in technology has its cost. Many question the morality of some of areas of study. Certain species of beast have surpassed humans in intellect and stand against humanity’s spread and development of the planet. A decade past, a 40 year war played out and finally concluded, wiping out many communities and bringing many organisms close to extinction. Those who were left have done what they must to move forward and rebuild, but the survivors remember what they lost and sacrificed. Most look to the future and long to raise strong children who will carry the next generation into a golden age of peaceful understanding.

Welcome to the game, Pokemon Pathfinders!


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