What wine have I been drinking?


Firstly, I’ll warn – its a lot of white. World Market had this banging white wine sale and we had a lot of different guest coming to stay with us, so I loaded up. They were marked down and if you bought 4 bottles, you got an additional 20%. um, yes please!  Also, I pay my 8BitHealey workers in wine for their crafting assistance >.> I’m sure its only ok because its such a small business..

During the wedding weekend, Bucky’s lovely gal Raven brought us this from their local wine store. She hooked me by promising pepper undertones.

I found it crisp and delicious and easy to drink with any meal. It lasted me a pretty decent amount of time because I didn’t want to finish it off too fast and would drink small cups.

With so much whites in the house, I wanted to grab a red. Its about pushing out of ones comfort zone, so I grabbed a Zinfandel wine because describing a wine as “jammy” will always get my attention.  This one has been tasty – I’m not a huge fan, but I know my besties drink a lot of Zinfandels back when I lived in Chapel Hill, so its not unfamiliar to me.






… … … … … … … … This is what I’m working on now. Calie likes sweeter wine (who am I kidding, me too!) so while burning our fingers with glue gun projects and wedding fretting – we’ve been drinking this Riesling. I like Chateau De Michael best, but this stuff is good.


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