Making flowers for the wedding take two


So I wrote about trying to make burlap flowers and feeling it was a disaster (here) but if at first you do not succeed, PINTREST PINTREST PINTREST! We came across this blog showcasing some beautiful table center pieces. They are glowing flowers made of coffee filters, low cost and hopefully easy. Cross our fingers.. hehe Aunt Peaches has this great tutorial that helped inspire our own direction of the flowers. So this was my final result:

So this is just plain white 4″ coffee filters. I folded the filters in half 4xs and cut a pair of petals into the folded filter and then cut the last inch off of the bottom. Then using Aunt Peach’s strategy, I scrunched the filter into a straight line and stuck it to scotch tape, rolled the tape into a spiral and the flower came into being. 


I hot glued the flower to a battery powered votive candle we picked up from Walmart. To be honest, its very yellow and dull. I would prefer an LED light source.  But we are still in the experimentation planning phase. Collin has raised concerns about the tables being too dark, because its a night reception.

Aunt Peach also talks about painting the filters with water based paints, so I pulled out my watercolors to try that out. I think Calie is happy with the white, but I enjoyed experimenting and painting.

The extra color (or maybe extra hot glue) on this version made the light not show through at all.. but it think it turned out really pretty!

The watercolor paper that I painted the filters on also gave birth to this little guy. I was kind of thinking he might be a fun 8BitHealey product. I could frame it with blank word bubbles glued in so that people could write notes to each other. I dunno – I’m working though the idea, but this one Collin gets to keep.


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