Kyle and Maria’s Wedding


Our friends last month got married and it was an excellent reunion of the whole group. The amount of fun, dancing and drinking should have been criminal. I’ve never danced so much as a wedding. I was being pretty sour to the idea of dancing until they played the pokemon theme song, and then I lost my mind and for 2 hours got my groove on with no regret or shame. Anyway, before we all got toasted, Collin took photos and I wanted to show off his portraits. Please check out more of his photography here at: Goal 33 Photography.

And here are the two I took of our photographer at the beginning of the night and the end!

For the gift we kind of messed up. We bought the gift last minute and expected we could just pick it up from the store, but it wasn’t available and we had to wait a week for it to ship. So I ran out and bought the extra pieces that would make it more special and gave those instead.

Want to guess what the main gift was? Yup! A waffle iron. They said they are going to throw a Waffle Party. I am so excited!

And last but not least, the beautiful pair!


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