Latest Product: Megaman Quilt


So last month I finished a new design. It was a custom order blanket for a queen size bed. I’d never tackled a blanket that big, but I am always excited to make new designs.  It was a definite learning experience (not only due to size) because they requested the back be cotton, which meant I had to be a big girl quilter and use batting – something I normally avoid by doing the flannel backing. I also used a new technique for binding that was really easy and I liked. So why don’t I apply all these new things to all my blankets? Because I’m really uncomfortable with the finishing top stitch that sews all the layers together. I really need a bigger, stronger machine to do it right.

Because the top stitch is still scarey to me, I did a minimal stitch around megaman’s body and called it done.


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  1. I am working on a Megaman quilt with my daughter. Is the top of your quilt all squares? And when you quilted the top, batting and back you just stitched around the outline of Megaman? We are still sewing squares, but I am trying to decide how we are going to quilt it! It’s not quite as big as yours, I think more the size of a double bed. Thanks!

    • This is the pixel design I used to make the quilt:  photo mm2_zps6dc43c1b.jpg
      Yeah, I just stitched around the outline. More experienced quilters do the decorative top stitch to hold all the layers in place, but I just don’t think my machine and I could do it right! heh. Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck! Also, I’d love to see your finished work! I love seeing other people do videogame quilts!

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