Day 18: Love with Food


So as part of Collin’s birthday month, I signed us up for gourmet food samples which come once a month for $12 a box, and the money does to feeding the hungry.

Its a company called Love with Food and we are still trying to figure out how we feel 2 months into the service. They advertise that whats normally in the box is: Whole Wheat Apple Fig Bars, Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge, Muscat Grape Jelly, Applesauce On The Go, Health Nut Cookies. All pretty delicious sounding things yes? Well so far the two boxes we’ve received had more savory and spicy then sweet. The first month was a special month because Andrew Zimmerman from Food Network, who has a show about weird food was picking the samples – so I was on edge that this box might be odd and not so yummy. There were a few things Collin ate and a few I ate and a few sitting on our shelf with me confused (RE: Organic Fennel Pollen). But the next month for May came and we had high hopes of chocolates and curious snacks.

The haul was better but still not what we were imagining. The coffee was cool (Collin asked if I could find a monthly coffee sampler instead lol) and the biscotti was yummy. Two latte candies were put in, but only one had candy so that was a dirty tease. The Cajun seasoning took its place next to the Fennel Pollen. We ate the health food snacks and they were new and interesting to our taste buds. So we’ll give it another month, maybe if it falls short of our hopes, I’ll look for that magically coffee and cookie sampler – hehe.




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