Day 16 & 17: Beer? and Comics?


So this month – when I’d give the “monday gift” it was something alcoholic we could drink while watching the latest Game of Thrones episode. But this time around, we celebrated so much on the weekend, that the thought of more alcohol was repulsive, so I just bought us a variety pack of root beer!

Day 17: So Colin follows Batman the new 52 series and goes in monthly for his comic book. I went in and prepaid for it at Jake’s Memory Lane Comics. Jake and Ben are brothers who run the store and are just the worlds best people. Jake was like, “You know, the comic is only $3” so I picked out a comic book related beer mug to make the gift more substantial, but unfortunately it had not arrived when Collin went in. He was happy with the surprise though.

So please please please check out our friends comic book shop. Its a good local business run be great comic book nerds. Love them!


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