Day 12: Coffee! And more ramblings of breakfasty things


So, how can a month of gifts not have one day of coffee? I picked up a new bag of beans, because we were low.

I know I blog often of wine, but I’m really a huge coffee snob more then wine connoisseur. We own three different coffee brewing systems here and prefer to grind our own beans fresh. We usually mix and match flavors to make what we are in the mood for. My favorite is a mix of breakfast blend coffee and buttery pecan. But different days call for different tastes! I wanted to quickly how off our set up, I think its very neat!

All of our coffee stuff is in a dedicated corner of our kitchen and the drawer under the counter holds all the different beans and bags of coffee and our cups. It reduces clutter and gives up more cooking space, which I love.  We don’t usually go to Starbucks because we can make it at home! You can see we have a lot of that brand right now but we also usually have some dark Italian roast that we pick up at our local Italian Deli and I like buying the generic coffee from Lowes foods as well!

Ok, this is an all breakfast blog! I also wanted to share a good recipe I cooked for breakfast the other day!!

So on the weekends, I like to cook Collin big breakfasts, because you gotta treat yo man to keep him happy! Anyway, he asked for Eggs Florentine and in return the next morning, he was going to make me french toasts! DEAL!! I’d never made it at home, but the recipe is very easy. The only part I struggled with was juggling all of the different things cooking. Making a cream sauce while cooking (re:burning) bacon was a struggle. I also cooked the tomatoes in the same pan as the bacon so they were delicious and strangely enough I think everything managed to still be hot when I served it! I’m sorry the picture is half eaten, I was so excited I forgot to snap the shot, even though my camera was laying right next to my plate!! So please check out this Eggs Florentine recipe and wow everybody with a pretty simple dish.


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