Mother’s Day gifts, but not my momma!


So I feel a little bad about how much effort I put into another person’s mom, but that’s running your own business and being inspired by great kids wanting to do something special for their moms. So a young guy in the military isn’t able to spend Mother’s Day with his mom, but he bought her a Pokerose as her gift. I think its cute that he’d pick our product for such a special day! But he also needed a mother’s day card. I told him I’d pick him up one or if he had ideas, I could print something unique at home on card stock. He just suggested I make one and it say, “I’m glad you caught me!” Nothing thrills my heart more then a dedicated pokemon fan being nerdy and thoughtful.

I hope he approves of Pikachu. I dind’t know if I used a less known pokemon his mom would recognize the reference (I mean if she’s the pokemon fan and I’m reading this all wrong…?!) I also like wrapping the flower up in tissue paper, because I realize its kind of an expensive gift, but I can’t charge any less because of the time it costs to make it.

Also, didn’t realize that if you live in a rural area, UPS charges an extra $5.95!!?! I ended up shipping USPS, which has 2-3 day delivery – but no tracking or guarantee. It still was $7 to ship too, but I don’t want to raise the shipping price to that because the item already is so expensive. Oh well, I’ll ship a few more before I make up my mind of the shipping price raise. I have another potential buyer getting one for his girlfriend later this week! ❤

And as always, Thank you Calie for makign this beautiful product for 8BitHealey to sell.


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