Day 11: Lets tackle the cake!


So rewind about a few months ago when Japan release the Ultimate Kitkat package with all their unique flavors. Collin was in his bedroom struggling with whether it was worth $75 dollars. I told him no, and that we were trying to eat healthy. In the back on my mind I was filing away that as a maybe gift for his birthday. I found by the time April rolled around the price had dropped to $50 – but then their is still shipping. Check out White Rabbit Japan to get your own!

My favorite flavors were Maple Syrup, Wasabi, and Citrus. My least favorite was the Chili flavor! I would give the excitement and fun of trying them all a 10 out of 10 if you wanted to get it for yourself or somebody else!!

Day 11 was super exciting because we decided to try and make Collin’s cake today. He for YEARS has been asking for a “donut” cake. I keep telling him that Donut cake isn’t possible because a thick cake would not cook all the way through when frying it. I had given up the hope of ever making him happy, but Calie (a great friend of mine) took over and came up with a recipe and a plan. If we made lots of thin layers and stacked them, it was possible to make a regular sized cake that was indeed donut flavored. We practiced while she babysat and the kids were THRILLED, haha. Anyway, I wanted to serve it to Collin warm, which is why I made him schedule the day I cooked it. We used the donut recipe from the 99 cent chef. I think he’s funny and a little bit creepy, but check out his website. His gimmick is that he only buys ingredients from the dollar store. Check out his blog!

So when I started to cook up the cake, Collin smells the air and said, “Are you making funnel cake?” which made me laugh because, yeah I pretty much was. I explained to him the plan and he had the best suggestion of one of the layers instead of having icing, could have strawberry jam. It was super delicious to have that little extra flavor.


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