House cleaning with lots of house guests


On Pintrest, I found a whole bunch of cleaning suggestions and wanted to try them out. Most of them revolved around using cleaning grade vinegar, which you can pick up in the cleaning section of Walmart. So I tried a few out and here were my results. So the picture above is using equal parts dish soap and vinegar to clean the bath tub. Yes it does make the bathroom smell strongly of vinegar, but I didn’t have to worry about dieing of the fumes when spraying it and I also wasn’t worried about getting chemicals on my hands. I followed the instructions and sprayed it on the areas with the pink/orange shower scum build up and let it sit for 10 minutes. I swished my brush around for good measure and wiped the surface with just paper towels and the reside was gone! I was very pleased. I used it to clean the shower, sing and toilet with great results.

Another suggestion, was to use vinegar to freshen towels. My boy has a great noise, so the results really where his call of yes or no. She said the old towel smell was gone, but ever so slightly, he could smell the vinegar instead. I didn’t do the second step of rewashing them like the website suggested so that was my bad! It was definitely an improvement.

Next project: Orange Peel flavored vinegar for cleaning! I’ll let you know how it turns out!

So now the house is almost all clean and I can relax and wait for the guests to arrive. This strongly feels of Déjà vu because two weekends ago, we had house guests as well. I guess all the visitors mean we hold ourselves to a high level of clean living standards – which is good… I was so thrilled to see my room clean for once that I took pictures.. haha!

When you first walk in, to the left is my meditation corner and the inflatable guest bed. I know its not that classy to put guests on a blow up bed, but at least they get their own bedroom to get some privacy.

The other side of the room is my massive stockpiling of fabric dresser, sewing desk and active projects book shelf.

So now yall know what my craft room looks like when I’m working on all this stuff!

Oh, last thing, kinda funny story. So when we had our last house guests, I could kind of tell my roomie was annoyed that other people were using his bathroom. During our roommate negotiations, he was very specific in needing his own bathroom, but since the guests were friends with everybody and he’s rarely home I didn’t think it’d be too big of a deal. It wasn’t really, but on Sunday morning after a hard night drinking and celebrating our friends wedding, we crossed the line of what you can and cannot ask of a roommate’s patience. You see I slept in, recovering from all the dancing and drinking of the night prior, and when I finally emerged from the master bedroom – three pairs of eyes looked at me, urgently. The first voice, “Can I use your bathroom?” and they disappeared into our master to use the second bathroom of our dwelling. Second question, “Do you have toilet paper? We used all the stuff in the other bathroom?” Sure, I go to grab the extra roll in the next room. Third question, “Um… do you have a plunger in there too?” hahaha.. oh noes. So once everybody left I left my little TP offering to the roommate gods.

This weekend, I’ve kindly asked out guests to use our bathroom as much as possible.


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