Day 10 Couch Cleaner and new way to Organize T-shirt Drawers


Collin hinted that he wanted me to pick up couch cleaner for his birthday month so although I knew I could find it online for about $7, I decided to just go into Rooms to Go for instant gratification. It was so so so much more rewarding because when I went in, they handed me two bottles of the stuff for FREE!! All I said was, ” I bought two couches from you guys and was given this amazing couch cleaner and just ran out, can I get more?” I was willing to pay, so free just made my day.


I just changed out my winter clothes for my summer clothes and was glad I had ran across this pintrest idea on how to save space and maintain a better visual organization on ones t-shirt collection. I had tons of tank tops and t-shirts and work out clothes, so I figured that if I applied this type of folding I would be able to have a better control of my wardrobe this summer. I ended up with plenty of drawer space!

I hope you guys try it out and find peace when getting dressed in the morning!


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