Blog: Strange Dream and nobody to tell it to


Sorry folks, I had a weird dream but nobody wants to listen to it because everybody I know claims to be Trypophobic (fearful of objects with small holes, such as beehives, ant holes, and lotus seed heads) and Entomophobic (common fear of or aversion to insects), and I’m neither and more intrigued by it, so I want some safe place for me to ramble! Let me first by validating everybody’s reaction to these topics. Yes if I look at the freaking pictures of lotus seeds photoshopped into human skin – it will make my skin crawl. But I also feel like any fake images like that will bother someone, because they are fake and unnatural. Looking at a lotus seed cluster or woodpecker holes or bubbles does not bother me. But on the other hand, I know others who will start gagging and shivering and are so repulsed they flee the topic to another room. I believe its genuine. The same way I can get claustrophobic in dark room or any size, with no specific trigger. Every body is different ya know? I found this article about Trypophobia and weather it is real – its not acknowledged by the American Psychiatric Association. Also before I get to the dream, here is a video of a Surinam Toad babies coming out of their mother’s flesh, yeah she’s still alive. If these things trigger you, then skip my dream.

So it start out normal-ish enough. Well, not really. I was at a wedding between by current boyfriend and a friends girlfriend. Yeah they were getting married to each other. Collin, my guy, stopped me her and asked, “Weren’t you mad?” But I wasn’t. Because I was still the girlfriend, she was just marrying him – for who know what reason. The reception was outside and I got bit by a lot of insects. I convinced the bride to come with me somewhere else, and me and her bounce. We go to a very large industrial kitchen that maybe was attached to a community clubhouse, where my best friend and her mother are hanging out. The mom invites me to their family vacation to Japan, but it would be 3 weeks away. I explain I would loose my job, being gone that long. She just smiles and nods and says she is going to get me a job with her when we return. So weird, kinda boring dream until this point. But my bug bites are really starting to bother me so I strip out of my dress and they are large welts about the size of marbles under my skin. I’ve been told that if you scratch bites, they itch worse, so in the dream I do the slapping technique – but when I slap my leg, it activates the marble welts and they glow speckled green under my skin and then slowly emerge to the surface peeking out detailed balls that look like a mix between a Metapod and Cicada. Anyway, they don’t emerge past my skin but it makes sense that the itching will stop if I can remove the glowing buggy balls, so I slowly squeeze the outside and it pops out and flies away. The rest of the dream was me slapping the welts and trying to rid myself of the bugs.

I think that the cicada bugs came from late night reading about the Brood II coming to the east coast this year after their 17 year stint under ground. I’m very excited to see their invasion. Cicadas were special to me growing up. I believed you could make wishes on their wings. To this day, I have to pluck them off of their dead bodies and save them in a bag. Bigger wings for bigger wishes. I’m weird. I have weird dreams. I have weirder traditions. Ok, thanks for listening.


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