Disaster Gift: Day 7


Sooo you know how you envision something so perfect. You see how it will all unfold and then the moment comes and its not the same, like AT ALL? yeah – that was the 7th day. I saw this picture on pintrest. The box reminded me of the box in metal gear you can hide under, because the “!” on the side is what appears over the heads of the enemy when they spy you. So I was going to go that very idea, except it be a metal gear box and inside I wanted to put a snake balloon from hallmark. Ok, so the product I was looking for isn’t sold at EVERY hallmark, just happens to be at the one in Chapel Hill. Its a company called Walking My Own Pet. Check it out, they are fabulous. SO I went and just picked up some balloons, no big deal. I also requested my roommate grab a box for me at the grocery he works at that was “big enough for a person to hide in” but what he hgave me was much much smaller and suddenly the balloons I got were too big. Let’s skip to my ability to paint a box the right, design.. I think I inhaled too many fumes and just started doing a shit job from the beginning. So what I imagined would be the most amazing display of love, turned into this piece o crap – saaad!


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