Skyrim: Weird Crush


So as soon as I found out you could marry someone in Skyrim I knew who I wanted to marry. I have an unexplainable love of Borkul the Beast. Granted my first character to meet him was an Orc and so it makes sense, Orc on Orc love. But I came to accept all my charries would side with the Forsworn and help them reclaim Markarth as their rightful home. I really don’t know how any woman could refuse his wit and charm. Here are so quotes from the game.

“Heard he ripped a man’s arm off and beat him to death with it, he’s old fashioned like that.”      ―Uraccen

Also when you ask why he is in prison he responds with, “murder, banditry, assault, theft, and lollygagging.” Lollygagging – hah, what a dream boat. Anyway, to progress the  No One Escapes Cidhna Mine Quest, you have to get past him. I chose to fistfight him so I could earn his respect as a strong woman and be a little physical with him. Haha.. I know it doesn’t matter to the game mechanics, but I still think my little romance with him is the perfect touch to my Skyrim experience. He’s chilling at Druadach Redoubt. I’m going to go visit!

But yeah, after I finished the quest, I took all my crappy Forsworn armor and all the Markarth City Guard Armor and put it in my house. I figured it was a nice way to remember our jail break and meeting!


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