New Japanese Futon Beds!


So me and my man have been sharing the same bed for 3 years and it was a full size mattress and something he’d been laying on for a few years prior to us living together. So it was old and developed a dip in the middle where we’d both roll toward each other and get grumpy, hot and sore on. We’d started talking about buying a new one together, maybe even a king, but the final issue was it took up a lot of space and if we move out of state next year, it would be an extra burden during the move, and our possibly new place might be very small until we get established and a king might not fit. We were going to try and hold out one more year on this mattress, but a few nights later, we both confessed we wouldn’t make it that long and started looking at mattresses again. MY boyfriend then had a brilliant idea of the Japanese futon. I lived in Japan for 6 months and slept just fine on one, and when he’s traveled through Japan on vacation, he always liked them as well. We read up on how their firm pad was great for back problems. Me and him don’t always sleep in the same room either (I have my own room so I can get rest if he’s pulling an all nighter). So we bought twin sized futon mattresses. Laid out side by side, its a bigger mattress size then the full (we wanted an upgrade) and can be pulled apart or folded up! Tonight is the first night but we are already so pleased.

Up versus down!

Both folded up and pushed against the wall allows his room to really open up. I’ll get back with yall about if our backs feel better.

**EDIT! I’ve never been so excited to sleep and take naps. I’m sure my love of these beds will fade with time, but I think I got a great nights sleep and there was room for the dog to sleep on the bed and we packed it up and cleared the room this morning! I forgot to add where you can get your own! The cheapest we found was about $118 (with shipping included) from Oriental Furniture. they actually make them here in the USA, but they are Japanese style. We searched the internet for a coupon to get our price, so you should do the same!


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