Burlap Flowers, take one


So me and my soon to wed friend are working on rustic wedding decorations and if she wants burlap flowers, she’ll get burlap flowers!! But they are kind of tricky and the hot glue burns the living daylights out of my hands so after one rose (which I think is super ugly) we called it a night. I’m going to keep working on ideas, but if anybody has suggestions, please comment on this post or mail me at 8bithealey@gmail.com.

Here is another pic of both of our attempts together:

One reality is I need to sew them, not glue them. I’ll think on this..

Here are all the websites we were drawing on for inspiration. Click the image to go straight to the tutorial.

Other odd things to note, I’ve been getting a lot of messages on Etsy asking if the pokerose is real. I wish I was cool enough to genetically alter flowers to be nerdy.


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