Day 2 and 3 – Star Wars Gifts


So on day two and three I went Star Wars themed. On Pintrest, I had found the light switch idea. Its very easy to make and cheap. $1.34 for the light switch plate, a black sharpie and I used a matte finish spray after I wrote on the light switch plate.

For the next day I gave him a Lightsaber night light. It says room light, but the size is pretty small. Like its small to a child, so its very small to a grown man. It also is permanently fixed to the wall mount so although it shows the kids holding it like a lightsaber, its a little misleading. The remote control on/off is weird too. I think there must be a timer in it to save batteries, so for example, we mounted it above the bathroom door to add a little light in the middle of the night when we go potty. The remote was going to be kept by the bed so it could be activated comfortably, but the problem is – to make the remote work, you have to switch the lightsaber on the first time manually, so its totally useless if you wanted to activate the light from bed. I’m also too short to reach it where it is now.

But all in all, he liked the gifts, so that’s all that matters.


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