Birthday month! Day 1 Game of Thrones Refridgerator Magnets


So last month was my boyfriend’s birthday and I wanted to make it feel more special because we didn’t really celebrate Christmas or our anniversary, so I wanted to spoil him and make sure he knows I love him. So I was going to try and give him a give a gift a day. Some days were little, some big. April 1st landed on a Monday which is when we view Game of Thrones. I wanted to on Mondays maintain GoT theme, so I got him fridge magnets (which he has requested in the past) but all the vocab is themed around the show.

I got them on Etsy from Refrigerator Prose. Check out their store, they have a bunch of different themes from Breaking Bad to Harry Potter. I was very pleased with the quality and sheer quantity they provide. We actually don’t have enough space on our door!

While we are on the topic of Game of Thrones, I have read the first two books and I’d say I’m about a third through the third book.  I really enjoy this series both written and on the TV. Its straying from the timeline a little and they make their changes like all TV adaptations do, but I still like seeing the characters come to life. I’m a die hard fan of Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and Arya Stark – I know, I know – they aren’t allies and I’ll never have a happy ending, but I cheer for those three all the same. I have a fictional ending in my head that I pray to George RR Martin to make happen – haha. But yeah – I recommend the books as much as the show.


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