My First Kill on Vimeo!


So I was so excited that my boy finally finished editing his directing class scene, My First Kill, so I could show it off to you guys! I gave yall a teaser a few weeks back talking about the make up artist, Stephanie Cunningham, who was great! Now its finally up online and I’d love for you to check it out!! So here are some of the behind the scene shots I took with my camera.

So I didn’t think to take pictures until the very end of the night when we’d sent half the crew home because it was late and cold, so here is the bare bones crew left: The Two actors – Eric and Mike, Collin directing, Sean DP and Josh sound guy.

And here is me! I was the in charge of the clapboard and acted as a script supervisor. It was my first time helping on set, but I’m glad Collin trusted me enough to help! I had fun!

My Close up!

I don’t know why they are pointing in two separate directions!

Collin doing what he does best: Telling others what to do! Hehe! I’m kidding! Directing!!

Ok with no further ado, GO WATCH HIS FILM!!!!


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