Blog and book recomendation: Eria


I try to not blog too much, partially because I was an avid livejournal user back in college and would blog more then once a day, spamming friends and strangers alike with TMI of my daily minutia. I don’t regret it. I love being able to look back on those years and read with such clarity everything I was thinking or feeling, but its also like opening up a great wound.  I learned from livejournal, that putting out such intimate details can estrange you from the people you love most because they don’t like their role that they play in the story of your life broadcasted live to the internet. But I just wanted to put out there that I’ve had a busy month. It was my boyfriend, best friends and roommate’s birthday month as well as a close friend’s wedding – so my weekends have been busy. I have been very crafty and hope to show you all that I was up to.

But firstly I want to put forward a book recommendation of a dear friend of mine. He recently had to put his aging cat down. A cat that had played importan roles in keeping him going during hard parts of his life. He requested we buy his book to help pay for the medical bills to lay her to rest. I felt bad, because for quite a while I’d intended to read his stories and blog about them. But this was the finally push to get my ass in gear. So please check out his online books, Eria is the one I’ve started reading. I have know Drew for a long while thanks to my blog on livejournal and its funny for a person I’ve never met or spoken to on the phone, I feel I know what his voice sounds like.  When I read this story, I feel like I hear it in his tone which make me smile all the more when I get to cute parts, like the old wizard describing young love, “The seasons were right for love, and they were right for each other.” I’ve only read the first chapter, but I’m enjoying it so far. Lately the only think I read is George R. R. Martin – and so Drew’s story, although it foreshadows of a building conflict, is a relaxing change then the war-torn Westeros I’ve been reading of. I hope to blog again a full review and recommendation, once I finish – but I am a slow reader so please bear with me. In the mean time, I would love to encourage you to buy his E-book to help him raise the funds for the medical bills to lay his dear companion to rest.



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