Easter 2013


It’s a bit late, but I wanted to share my cooky family and our great big, weird family gathering. So our family is very matriarchal and headed by our petite and crazy french granny! She had three daughters (my mom being the middle child) who in turn each had two or three kids of their own. Sure we got men, but its us girls who wear the pants in social gatherings .. or at least I think so! So we meet up at Wilson every year, and are blessed with one child to still urge us in the traditions. Back in the day, we’d play a lot of competitive sporting games during Easter for prizes, but maybe age has mellowed us out. So here the line up of us all!

We are sadly missing three people who had to work or couldn’t travel. Next year maybe we’ll all get together!

Grandma’s here, let the silliness begin! Oh and the doll is Baby Lloyd, he’s been with us since I was born. Grandma in her dementia still enjoys carrying him around.

We get to drinking wine and gabbing while our chefs get to cooking!


So like I mentioned in the prankster post, we hid a bunch of water balloons and fake eggs to throw our Lilabean off the trail of the real Easter eggs. But she had a good time running around collecting eggs. Grandma also got in on the chase.

But we still had tons of water balloons.. so what else do you do but play toss and throw them at each other??!

Finally it was time to eat! YAY! My favorite part!

This gem was taken while we were trying to get everybody situated for the group picture, even though grandma is looking in the wrong direction, I love it. I have the prettiest sister in the whole world!


Photoshoot with grandma’s funky glasses!!!

And then my sister tried (bless her heart) to teach me and mom how to dance. We have a wedding to go to in May and need to be prepared. I need a lot more wine if they think I’m going to dance….. : D





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