Crock-Pot: Chicken and Dumplings review


Crockpot Cooking! So I’m a good southern girl who loves her chicken and pastry. My Boy on the other hand is always talking about Chicken and Dumplings. To me the concept he’s describing sounds pretty suspect. Biscuits in a soup? But I always want to make him happy and a cheap easy meal is a good meal, so lets try it! I used The Crockin’ Girls recipe and it was very easy! Cook everything for 8 hours on low and then stir up the chicken so its shredded and add canned biscuits for 30 minutes and DONE! I was most unsure of the last step with the biscuits. Like I said, biscuits in soup (sounds like witchcraft to me!) but the verdict with my picky man – Its perfect! The only thing he’d change is more biscuits! haha! I was so glad to find a winner recipe on the first try! I recommend everybody make it the next time they are craving comfort food or have a cold. It hits the spot.

I served mine with a side of broccoli to get some more vegetables into the meal, but it was very tasty.

And yes, I do drag my laptop into the kitchen while cooking! Thought you’d show you guys how I work!


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