Confession Post: Recipe Disaster


The other day, I made Betty Crocker: Classic Beef Stroganoff for dinner. So I write this not wanting to mislead anyone, I actually encourage you try this recipe, I believe done right – its very tasty. But I made a HUGE mistake and made it with 4 times the amount of butter, it called for. WHY you ask? I have no idea. I remember reading it and thinking, “1 cup of butter seems like a lot.” Then I pulled the butter out and looked at the two sticks and thought, “Wow, really? This is really a lot, but I better do what it says..” The entire cooking time, I marveled at the butter and while we ate it – I frowned and forced myself to eat it – because I did the recipe right – or so I thought. JEEEZE! Don’t make this mistake people! Read the instructions and if it feels wrong – reread them, or use your judgement and change the recipe. Anyway, that’s my confession. a pretty huge mistake.. -.- My BAD!!


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